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By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Everyone tells you to use metrics in your resume but they rarely explain why and which ones to use. That’s what I explain in this video.

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People tell you to use metrics in your resume but they don’t really tell you why it’s important. And I’ll just simply say that firms want to see results and achievements. They want to see it in terms of numbers, because they associate numbers with impact. The higher the number, the bigger the impact. Especially if you’re looking for a senior management role, your ability to define your impact on an organization in numerical terms is important.

Now, what sort of numbers? What sort of metrics can you include? One is sales and revenue. And that can be in terms of revenue growth, conversion rate forRejected resume those kinds of jobs frequency. In addition, there’s profitability, your impact on net profits or departmental profits, reducing costs, operating costs, in terms of people, whether you. Let’s say you’re in a recruiting role. How many people did you interview or hire? How many people did you lead? How much did you improve customer or team member retention?

In terms of improved employee engagement, what was your impact there? If you’re in a marketing role, cost per conversion? By how much? Were you able to reduce cost per conversion? How much were you able to increase store or online traffic? How many articles or ads did you create? And what was the return on investment for your campaigns?

There’s an impact on partnerships and deals in terms of quantity and the effect of them performance and operations. How were you able to improve the efficiency? How much did you increase productivity? How much did you increase output? And in terms of client satisfaction, how many projects did you analyze?  In terms of modeling, how many Excel models did you create?

There’s lots of different ways that you could demonstrate an impact. But you have to use numbers and recognize it’s not like they’re going to run back and ask for proof. That’s the funny thing about all this. They use your assertions as a demonstration of impact. But there’s never proof of them require.

So the proof from their standpoint is when you tell the story, does it seem credible to them. And thus, any story that you tell, has to have a degree of credibility to it that relates to the impact to the metrics that you’ve asserted.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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