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Here are “the big 4” ways to get noticed by corporate recruiters.


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Today, I thought I would talk with you about secrets. Actually, I think it's going to be five secrets, as I think about it, to getting noticed by corporate recruiters.
Now, the first one isn't that difficult. It's putting yourself in the position where you can be found. If you have no online footprint, if you're not going to any conferences or events, or what have you, where people can find you, how do you think they are going to find you?
Seriously, for those of you who have nothing in the way of a LinkedIn profile to speak of, no keywords, no nothing, how do you think people are going to find you? Do you think it's going to be at the supermarket? I don't think so. So you have to put yourself in the position to be found. That's number one, in the way of criteria for getting found by recruiters.
Then in order to be found, understand that recruiters are looking for keywords. When they're searching LinkedIn, when they're using Google, when they're trying to find you from a conference that you might have presented at, you put yourself in their shoes for a second. If they were looking for you, what would they want to find out about you? What your skills are. What your experience is. Where you are geographically right now, because it doesn't help if you're in New York, and the job is in I don't know, Arlington, Texas. If they're only wanting to hire local people, they're certainly not going to be calling people who they know are outside of the territory that they can hire from. Make it easy for them. So put yourself in their shoes and stuff your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that people understand where you are, and what experience that you have.
A way that you can do that is create a website for yourself or blog. One of the pages of the website or the blog is your resume. Not everyone is searching LinkedIn to find people. Many people who are searching use Google and try to do keyword searches in order to do that. After all, LinkedIn is limiting corporate recruiters as to how many views that they can have. Even with their recruiter account, there's just a limit to how many people they can see, let alone contact.
Include Google, and think of Google and having a website for yourself. There are free services that will allow you to create a website which can be just a resume, you know, you can have a Wix or Weebly site, where your resume lives, and people will contact you.
Also, for those of you who are more experienced, again, with the theme of putting yourself in the position where you can be found, be seen and noticed. Now, in days of old, that translated into your local area. You would go to the right bar and drink with the right people. I don't like that approach. I like more the approach of going to the conferences, being at the networking meetings, you know, going to meetups around relevant skills and interests, much more than the hanging out at the bar.
It can also involve participation in online groups, which can be on LinkedIn, meetup, Facebook, wherever it is. Participation includes, in a good way, offering your ideas, offering your opinions, collaborating with others. Now, this is obviously not something that you can make a big impact on for this job search. But if you continue the strategy on, you will develop mindshare and with people who notice this sort of thing.
Now, when you done all of this, I want to remind you, keep your resume up to date. You know, as I've said for many years, if you update your resume every three to four months, number one is it's useful in case you get the call about the great opportunity. Number two is, come review time, it's very helpful to you to have an extemporaneous recitation of what you've accomplished during the course of a three to four-month period of time, during the course of the last review cycle stuff along those lines. In this way, you're not walking in unprepared and having forgotten stuff that you've done.
In particular, it's very effective for those situations that we all hate to hear about, where you're being reviewed by a new manager, because the last one has been transferred or has gone to another organization, and the new guy is there, the new woman is there, and they were viewing you. How helpful is that unless you have something to reference when he or she says, "I really haven't seen a lot of your actual work," because it let me you can say, "Just let me give you a sense of what I've accomplished this year. Because you've kept your resume up to date, you're able to give them a sense of all the things that you've done. So



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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