Here are a number of major mistakes older professionals made in the job hunt. How many are you making?

10 Mistakes Older Job Hunters Make (Plus Bonuses) |

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hi i'm jeff altman the big game hunter
i'm a career and leadership coach a
former executive recruiter
i work with people internationally
to help them find work hire more
manage better lead better
and so much more
here i want to talk with those of you
who are older professionals about some
of the mistakes that you make when you
job hunt that proves so costly to you
because the fact of the matter is you
can land something it just feels harder
you don't remember what it was like when
you were 20 and it was hard to find a
job then right
and you found one and now that you're 55
60 65
or older
it's even harder so it feels but i want
to talk with you about some of the
mistakes many of you make
when you are looking for work
the first one i want to bring up is you
get laid off you get fired and the first
thing you do is you take a break instead
getting into the market again
it's okay to take a few days off and
you're going to do that in the course of
your search but the three-month vacation
the the one-month vacation upon
not a smart move on your part because
it's going to be hard to get your giddy
app going i'm going to use some some fun
phrases along here it's hard to get your
mojo working again to get back into the
once you've been out for a month once
you've taken that time off so you can do
some some travel
things you know you'll carry a mobile
phone with you but don't take the
three-month holiday that you say you
deserve because you've worked throughout
your entire career
number two
you'd lack a digital presence that's
worth anything
your linkedin profile basically is name
rank and serial number because you never
wanted the recruiters to call you
well now it's time to build it out but
you missed all those years of developing
relationships with recruiters
too late to change anything about that
but you need to make sure that your
digital footprint is extended widely
and as a result
build it out use keywords throughout
keywords that
if someone were trying to find someone
like you that they would use to locate
you not sure what they are look at the
job ads that you would apply to look for
patterns in those ads so that this way
what you're able to do
is be locatable when people are
searching linkedin to find you
and with that
you know i'll simply say one of the
things that you don't do
is because you feel a certain amount of
shame or embarrassment you don't make
sure that your extended family
or your friends really know that you
need help
and even if you do
you're afraid to bring it up again
you need help and i'm not saying to
bring it up every week
but you know make sure that folks know
what you do understand what you do
ask them for recommendations to people
at particular firms where you think they
might know someone
so that you can start getting
informational conversations with people
within those firms because your goal is
not just simply to apply to jobs on the
but you want to be networking
into those organizations
networking has a bad rep
let's try connecting with people into
those organizations you can learn what
they look for you can develop
relationships with people within
particular target firms of yours so that
in this way when someone opens up you
might be top of mind for someone
you know i'll say the next one
is your resume doesn't emphasize recent
it's one of these monsters that's been
built on over the course of years it's a
franken resume
and as a result all you've done is add
new things onto old things and now it's
a beast
i remember when i worked in recruiting
as i did for so many years
you know i would see these resumes that
were like kluge and
what would happen is the recent work got
two lines and things that someone did
ten years ago got three four paragraphs
now you can rationalize that with well
what i'm doing now is pretty trivial who
and if it is
they're going to find that anyway it's
going to be a basis for rejection lay it
out openly
be clear about it and there's a way to
write the old stuff in less space so you
can beef up this because your resume
should be no longer than two pages
uh let's see now
in the course of your life you haven't
constructed your life in a way that you
can have salary flexibility you don't
have savings
mortgaged to the hilt
and as such
it's time to live below your means so
that you can hold out longer not sure
how to do that you can cut back on some
expenses that you've grown comfortable
after all if you can't afford to be out
for a period of time you're going to
interview with anxiety and no one likes
desperate people
when you were hiring you didn't like the
desperate job out there what makes you
think they're going to be any different
so you can't look desperate
you know cut back on your expenses now
like you're out of work cut back on them
now do you need that full cable package
maybe i don't know
can you live without that next pair of
can do you need to have every streaming
service that you have now could you live
on one or two less
it's a small amount but over time every
small thing that you do is going to give
you another week another month another
that you're not necessarily going to
feel the pressure on
your summary says that you have 20 years
of experience
um 30 years of experience 40 years of
experience doing what you do because
right right away that signals your age
some people tell you to take your dates
off for when you got your degrees and
certainly if you're completing applicant
applications on applicant tracking
if you can avoid putting in those dates
from the antiquities do it if you can't
you got to put it in
and i'll simply say
every time your summary lists 20 30 40
years of experience
that's not desirable
and i'll go into one other thing
and that comes from work i've been doing
with intergenerational connection
and that is
the valued skill that people have is
when they hire is mental agility
and adaptability
where your resume can talk with you
about making
quick moves to when you recognize there
was a problem
that you learn new things
instead of i have all this experience
that no one really cares about because
much of it is from the stone ages
what you're demonstrating is a younger
related skill set rather than an old one
now here's a couple of bonuses for you
some of you look for the perfect job to
apply to
it doesn't have to be perfect it has to
be close but no one's going to have
every criteria for every position
you let your heart drop when you see the
young interviewer
and thus you immediately in the victim
rather than the you know i want to
connect with this person feeling
your appearance
you have outdated clothes and hair
that signals you know subconsciously to
people that you're old
and as such you might be set in your
ways and they extend that even further
but you know what i'm talking about
lastly you let your skills age and
there's easy online ways that you can
bring yourself up to speed you know
whether it's on youtube where you can
take courses there
or you can do something like on linkedin
which is a premium function where you
can take courses online get certified
through linkedin learning
it's not the same as going to a
university but it brings your skills up
to date and as such learn i don't mean
just sit there and go oh i can't believe
i have to do this but really learn so
that in this way when you go to
and they say so have you done this i
haven't done a professional i took a
and learned a lot of the functionality
to it
and thus you can look someone's square
on the eye and with conviction uh state
that you've been trained so this way
you know
some people are going to dismiss it it's
not the same as having had experience we
can't change that but what we can do is
emphasize that we're trying we're
working hard and if they blow past it
you can ask them in the course of the
was that not enough for you could you at
least ask a couple of questions
to determine what i actually know about
and as such
that puts you in a more powerful
position yeah they can go okay i'm going
to give you the hardest question i know
you can always respond by saying is that
going to be something that
is going to be a part of the job or
or are you testing me to see the depth
of knowledge some of you won't like
doing that that's okay that's my
personality type you don't have to
follow everything i say but if you think
about some of the pointers i've given
you they will help you a lot the top 10
plus the bonuses
i hope you found this helpful i'm jeff
altman my website is thebig
go there and go exploring there's a lot
there to help you and while you're there
you can schedule time for free discovery
call with me for coaching or schedule
for a coaching session
i'd love to help you and if this isn't
the time for you to do that at least put
that website address in your phone that
addresses the big
and put my name there jeff altman
also connect with me on linkedin forward slash i n forward
slash the big game hunter my network is
going to be a lot larger than most of
yours so it will benefit you to connect
with me
lastly i hope you have a terrific day
and i'll mention a video course that i
have the ultimate job interview
framework which will help you interview
far better than most it's available on
you to me
the link is the big game hunter dot u s
forward slash interviews or you can buy
it as a paperback or kindle book on
amazon the ultimate job interview
have a terrific day and be great


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