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If you're watching this on YouTube already, you know that YouTube is a great resource for career advice, for job hunting information, and a lot more. Doing this video, I realized people under utilize YouTube as a resource in their search. So, I thought I would address a couple points here.
Number one, of course, is it's great for career advice. But, number two, and this is one that people forget about all the time, is you can research employers on YouTube. Remember, they may have a channel; they may have videos; they may have information. it's not going to be personalized for the job. It's going to be general information about the organization, which, particularly for startups, is going to be valuable since there may be a limited amount of info about them online. So again, don't forget to research employers.
Then you can also create a video resume there. And I would simply say make sure you dress nicely. I'm not saying a suit and tie if you're a guy or or play dress up if you're a woman. But, you know, dress nicely and you can talk about your resume. Don't read it off the screen. Become familiar with it so people get an understanding of you and make sure you smile.
Remember, we know you're not an actor or actress. However, you don't want to be boring. One of the first video resumes I got and this was in the 80s in the days of VHS tapes was someone who sent a VHS tape to me and read the resume in a flat monotone style. It was awful, absolutely awful. You don't want to be doing that.
What you want to be doing is showing some life, some energy, some personality to yourself while you're talking about background, which goes to my fourth point, which is building a professional brand.
Branding is going to be critical over the course of your career, not just in this job search, but for every job search in the future. Why do I say that? Information about you, what people know about you that you control that you share is a part of getting people to know you. Having YouTube information that's also available on a blog that you might have, that you might share on LinkedIn and have embedded in LinkedIn through a SlideShare, perhaps, or in another manner, goes a long way toward helping you to do this, particularly if you do it with some regularity. Obviously, not as frequently as I do, which is daily, but you can be doing things to promote yourself on a every other month basis, which, over the course of two years, is a lot of video right?
Keep them short and to the point. Talk about things that you've done that have value to the world, in general. Yeah, I'm not going to talk in terms of YouTube, revenue. You are not going to become a YouTube star. But what you are going to be doing is building an impression of yourself in the marketplace, sharing it on LinkedIn, on Facebook and other places where people will get to know you.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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