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A great question was asked and I want to address it head-on. I want to skip the company names that were involved because I frankly think it is relevant. Here's how it goes. Would be bad professionally or morally if I leave my new job after 2 weeks. How can I do it peacefully? Before moving forward with the big bank that I joined, I was interviewing a well-known technology firm. I moved to a new city and been working with the big bank for 2 weeks now. However, the technology firm has reached out to me. Their job is going to pay 1.8 times the salary of the big bank. However, the work stress is 1.5 times as much more. I can give notice and leave." The question is, would it be okay?

I'm going to give an unequivocal answer and then from there work for.

There is a price to be paid for every decision that we make. This is the tough one that you're going to have to make. You're going to have more stress and more money. Money is clearly measurable. You say it is 1.8 times more let's say the salary you're making now is $100,000 per year. Your new salary would be $180,000 per year. Nice!

Let me make it simple. Yes, you can change jobs. Now let me go through the reasoning.

You are going to be making, let's say, $180,000 a year versus $100,000 per year. Terrific! Nice increase. You are saying. The stress is going to be 1 1/2 times more. I do know that you can actually measure that. Let's just assume that you're going to be getting more stress than what you have now. That's the price that you're going to pay for the decision to join.

The big bank, the next time the economy turns south, they are going to do what is right for them. They are going to lay off thousands of people just like they have in the past and that can involve you. They are going to look after their interests. I am encouraging you to look out for your interests.

Big technology firm? In theory, they could lay you off based upon performance of the economy goes south. Although not aware that many firms of laid off lots of technology people over the years, but it could certainly happen. AND I want you to think carefully. Some people will say, "YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR LIFE FIRM THE BIG BANK!" I really find that that is all that accurate. The truth of the matter is if you wanted to recontact them, the likelihood is that you will be joining at a higher level and you be able to ask, "hey, look, if you are me, what would you have done? You are paying me $100,000 and they are offering me $180,000. Great project. You would take the job, too. They were a little late to the party but I gave 2 weeks notice."

You can give 2 weeks notice, but I think frankly, they will say no thanks and send you on your way.

Always think as though you are the Chief Executive Officer for your organization. In my case, that would be called the Altman Organization. The shareholders are my wife and my son. I always have to do things that look out for our interests 1st and take into consideration the interests of others. I never do anything foolish. I always try to weigh my choices carefully. I have to do what is right for them and for myself of course.

You are going to have to do the same thing. Personally, the inhibitions that you have the false morality of leaving here because, in this particular case, there is nothing immoral about it. Morality introduced into this kind of business situation is nonsense. The last time I read any old biblical or religious treatise, none of it ever involves leaving your job after 2 weeks. Have you seen that because I haven't seen that.

You have to do what is right here and what is right for your enterprise is take this other job if that's what you think makes sense. The money is terrific and you will have a higher level of stress until you get used to it. That stress thing? We tend to adapt. We tend to get better things… Like exercise. The 1st time you try to run a mile, you are panting for air. The 2nd time, you may huff and puff, too. But, when push comes to shove, you're going to get better at it. The same thing is going to happen at the technology firm, too.

Don't sweat the details here. Had for the new firm. Don't worry about 5 years from now when you might want to come back because, here's the reality to it. If you are making 180,000 per year, and they assessed you to $100,000 a year, they are not going to be willing to take you back because you are going to be making more than what they are willing to pay for someone with your background. The reason is you are going to be doing completely different types of work.

From a banking perspective, they want people who are managing people and resources at a high level, run budgets, run departments, and that is not going to be you. You're going to be a technologist. Fabulous! You enjoy that love that. So go do it. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. Just head on out and have a great time


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