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By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

There are obvious signals when you work in the office that you won’t see if you work remote,

I Was Hired for Hybrid/Remote Work. Now They Want Me in the Office. Am I Screwed?

When you work in the office, you have an opportunity to pick up on some of the little cues and clues that trouble’s coming. When you work remotely, you’re going to miss some of them. Matter of fact, you may miss a lot of them. What can you do?

There are three things I’m going to talk about today. And the first one is do great work. Now, that doesn’t guarantee anything, because decisions are being made, or will be made based upon financial reasons and performance reasons. Do great performance. History says that doesn’t guarantee anything, but do great work. And there’s a choice between you and the bad performer, they’ll choose to save you. So that’s always number one, do great work.

Number two is maintain relationships with people who are already in the office.  Ask them to notice what goes on from time to time. Does your manager, does the owner, are they spending time behind closed doors a lot. Are new people coming through the office, and they’re kind of staring off at people. You’d notice that if you were there, and you’re not there. So you need to have eyes on in the environment who might notice these sorts of things. Again, it could be innocent, but often it isn’t. So I just want you to have eyes and ears in the office and ask people to pay attention when lots of strangers are coming through, when HR is in the meetings with them as well. Sometimes these are done away from where prying eyes might notice them. But you would minimally want people who might notice these changes, or notice people being toured within the environment who are not considered to be looking for employment with you.

The third thing is start paying attention to news about your firm. Set up alerts with Google. Look for financial information about your organization, anything in the news that might suggest trouble. Again, no guarantees, but taken as an aggregate, suddenly you have opportunities to, shall we say, intercept disaster and be prepared for it. Also, I’ll remind you, now at a time where you don’t need help is the time to start reconnecting with people from your past just to say ‘hi, how are you?’

Finding Remote Work. Being a Digital Nomad.


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