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I feel bad when people send questions to me like this. Most people are amateurs when it comes to job hunting and make predictable mistakes.

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Why is my job search taking so long? Common question for so many of you. Let me give you a couple of reasons why. And I’ll speak from my own experience. When I got out of college, I had a degree in political science. Do you know what that qualified me to do? Nothing. And I wound up in sales. The job was doing recruiting, which is really a sales job.  So you may be in a situation where your degree, your experience doesn’t really translate to anything that the business world or government would wants to hire. That’s one possibility.

A second one is you’re in applying aspirationally. And applying is not the right way to go about it because you’re sending it to the applicant tracking system that filters and screens and eliminates people from contention. Really try to avoid applying to jobs through the applicant tracking system unless your resume makes it incredibly clear how you’re qualified to do the job that you’re applying for. That means that the same keywords are in your resume as in the job ad, or the job description that you saw. The systems are usually not programmed to recognize similar terms. They want the exact same things.

Another thing is, your resume just doesn’t make a case for why you’re qualified. You know, as I said, you’re aspiring to things. Maybe your resume and LinkedIn profile are not congruent. By congruent I don’t mean they need to be identical. But they need to be pretty close in terms of what they’re communicating.

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You may not have the interview well. And this comes back to the idea that the skills needed to find a job are different than those that do a job. And for many of you, you’re doing this hit and miss and you haven’t gotten advice about how to do it better. If you’re coming out of school, you might be able to learn from career counselors about how to job search better. They’re not great. Most of them are not great. Some are and they’re free. So try.

You can come to my YouTube channel at  JobSearchTV.com Subscribe to my podcast, No BS Job Search Advice Radio. there’s gonna be information that you can learn from on an almost daily basis from both. So, again, JobSearchTV.com goes to my YouTube channel. No BS Job Search Advice Radio is a five day a week podcast. Again, you may not interview well, you may be making mistakes

You may not be doing things so that people don’t trust you in the interview–appearing nervous, appearing unsure of yourself. Remember, when firms hire, they look for competence, self confidence, character, chemistry, maybe a little bit of charisma. They want to hire people who care about doing good work, so that they trust them. You’re not doing things that cause them to want to trust you.

So those are some of the reasons why you may be running into trouble. Hope you found this helpful. My website is TheBigGameHunter.us. The blog will help teach you as much as JobSearchTV.com And No BS Job Search Advice Radio will. I also have courses that will help you with interviewing and not making salary negotiation mistakes and much more.

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In addition, you can schedule time for coaching with me, schedule time. There’s just a lot there at the website to help you. Connect with me on Linkedin at linkedin.com/in/TheBigGameHunter.

 Have a terrific day and most importantly, be great.

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