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Why Does The Hiring Manager Want to Interview Me Again AFTER the Final Interview? |

Why Does The Hiring Manager Want to Interview Me Again AFTER the Final Interview? |

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This scenario happens very frequently . . . but what does it mean?


I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career and leadership coach andthe head coach of and Someone sent a question to me that I thought was interesting. I'm just going to read it off the screen.
"Why does the hiring manager want to interview me again after the final interview?"
Great question. Happens with regularity. Now, I'm going to say most of the answers I will give relate to you. Some of them relates to them. One big example relates to them and I'm going to start with that and the big one is they're afraid to pull the trigger..They areafraid to make the decision because they don't want to make a mistake and they don't want to be judged judged by their boss, judged by people on the team, they may have a different point of view than their their staff. So, they're trying to make sure. In other words, somewhere along the line,they became gun-shy because of feedback from them or something that happened in the interview involving you. That's one possibility.
Another possibility is at the last minute, another contender showed up and they are good and the hiring manager's curiosity has gotten piqued. Maybe their boss, maybe HR is telling them to talk with them again and make a decision after you talk to each of them one more time. Maybe it's just they're confused because the other one seems so good.
But, ultimately, it comes down to they're not sure who the best person is and you didn't seal the deal. You didn't sufficiently persuade them. Maybe you went into the final interview thinking like it was a "fete accompli" that you were going to get the offer and now, suddenly, there's another contender there.
So, it can be for either type of reason. One is they're afraid to pull the trigger because they're getting different feedback from others or they're just afraid to pull the trigger. On the other hand, there's the part of you that didn't seal the deal with them sufficiently to make them believe that you were the best choice and, suddenly, now they're hesitating because something went wrong in some way during the final interview.
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
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