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Recruiters complain all the time about their inbox being swamped when there are ways around the problem. Why are they complaining?

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach for and and welcome. You're watching and listening to Job Search Radio. Lately I've been answering some people's questions. If you'd like ask me a question happy answer it, send it to me at Tell me what your question is; I can't guarantee I will answer all of them.

This 1 came in from someone who asked, "Why do recruiters complain about being flooded with resumes when they could hire a minimally viable candidate." This is the original question, "Why do recruiters complain about resume flooding when they may as well pick a random candidate with minimally viable qualifications and be done with it? Why do they instead have long and drawn out interview processes?"

What was going to answer this question originally, I was thinking about how people buy computers. There's always a minimally viable computer to do the basics of what you want but that is what we buy. I thought about for 2nd and thought of a better analogy. Is it extending one that I've used before.

I normally talk about interviewing is like going on a blind date but nobody use this for answering this question. So why did they not just hire the minimally viable person? so wanted to just hire the minimally viable husband or wife? There's more to the job than just being (wink wink) being minimally viable. There's more to the relationship than just simply can they do the job. This seems to be the desire to go past that point. Once you've gotten the basic stuff there are always secondary qualities and firm start comparing who has what secondary quality that they can use down the road who they like a little bit more, what firms they know someone from that they can back channel and check on… There's a whole host of different things beyond simply hiring the minimally viable candidate.

I want to be clear that I've complained about hiring for fit for years. I don't believe that they are capable of doing that. I do believe that they are able to figure out who they are willing to put into meeting situation and present for group. I do believe that they are capable of deciding whether this individual has an upside for their organization. I believe there able to decide who is management material a few years and a whole host of secondary and tertiary qualities that make perfect sense for a firm to evaluate for.

So, yes, if the firm gets desperate, they can go for minimally viable , but they would certainly prefer to get more than their money's worth. Just like you, when you are buying a car, you don't just settle for, "It's got 4 wheels. It goes forward. It goes backwards. That's good enough. It's a car." You could buy a small crappy beat up car but most people don't. They go for something more. The same thing is true here.

The other part of this is, "flooded with resumes, "most of them aren't people who are qualified to do the job. You have to go through all of them in order to get to someone who is minimally viable. Part of it is that they are complaining about the process of going through all the crap resumes that in no way shape or form fit the requirements and part it is the firms are trying to get more.


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