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Why Do People Post Articles on Their LinkedIn Accounts? |

Why Do People Post Articles on Their LinkedIn Accounts? |

EP 1023 It’s all about developing a reputation as an expert.


The question for today is, "Why do people post articles on their LinkedIn accounts?" I presume them in their home page on LinkedIn.

I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm the head coach for, 's site where you can ask me questions and also get curated information about job search that will help you find your next job more quickly with a lot less aggravation and a lot less pain. I'm also there really answer your questions and the ones I choose to do is videos are really only a small number of the ones I get from people.

People post articles on LinkedIn in order to convey the notion that they have expertise. It is a branding statement that people make that they make that they know about "stuff." I want to be clear that there are some people who post stupid things. I use the example from Facebook of the cat photos. I'm not talking about that. I was asked about articles.

There are people who post political stuff on LinkedIn. Irrelevant.When you are using LinkedIn forIs to create the notion of expertise in the field so that people want to reach out to you and connect with you. People posted on their LinkedIn accounts. They posting groups. It is all designed to share information that conveys the notion that I agree with this. I hold this opinion. I am an expert.

The result of that is very gradual.For example, if you follow me on LinkedIn (my address there is or follow The Big Game Hunter, my business, on LinkedIn, you'll see that I've and sharing jobs are involved with recruiting for (NOTE: I no longer do recruiting. Occasionally I help a friend who has a position open), I also sure a lot of information such as articles, videos, podcasts, all designed to help job hunters.

What do I help to convey? Recruiters are not exactly people who have great reputations. Coaches do. I come out of a long history of recruiting and, the last 10 years, have developed the reputation of someone who can be trusted because I give away a lot of great content.

In 2001, right before 9/11, I started blogging about the job market. I started publishing to e-zines, one for employers and one for job hunters. I have since consolidated them into one, No BS Coaching Advice, that is available at I have been publishing is the stuff for almost 40 years now that others don't offer in order to develop reputation that people can know, like and trust me. That has been very beneficial for me and very beneficial for others.

When I opened, I curated a bunch of stuff and so did very little for it. But, I also offer personal advice to people and I charge to justify my time.

When people are posting on LinkedIn, what they are trying to do is develop a strategy that I employed 15+ years ago to develop mindshare with peopleAnd reputation with people that I am knowledgeable with the field, that they are worth knowing/connected with and . If you are looking for an expert to consult with or hire, I am a person worth calling.


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