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Confidence plays an important role in your job interviews. The more confidence you have when you attend a job interview the more likely you are going to score more points for that interview. Having the right levels of confidence means that you know what you are going to say before you speak and this can also have an effect on your body language and also how you carry yourself during the interview. This means that if you do not have confidence then you will most probably look nervous and if you do have it can really stand out.

Why is confidence important in interviews? As you know, an interview is a very important part of getting a job. If you have confidence then you are already ahead of the game because the employer will see that you already have the necessary experience and skillset that they need. They will also be able to tell that you are well prepared for the interview and this can also mean that you will come across confident as you speak. Therefore, if you do not have the right level of confidence then you might just come across as arrogant, which can kill your chances of getting the interview.

Why is confidence important in interviews? It means that you do not ramble with your response because you know what to say without overthinking how your answer will affect the employer.

Why is confidence important in interviews? It inspires things that you are the solution to what they are looking. In many cases, it is a key differentiator between you and the people that you compete with.

Why is the lack of confidence important in interviews? Remember that the questions you are being asked can come from many places. Therefore, if you do take anything personally no matter how rude or quirky the question is, an interviewer will probably reject you because they will smell your defensiveness. Defensiveness is often a way of hiding a lack of confidence in your ability to answer a question.

Why is the lack of confidence important in interviews? An interviewer’s nature is one where if they smell a lack of confidence they start to wonder if there is someone better out there. You want to be the solution to their problem. You don’t want to be someone who causes them worry.


I’ve illustrated a few reasons why confidence is important and the lack of confidence is a problem. One of the easiest ways to develop confidence is to practice interviewing. One of the best ways I know to become better at interviewing is by doing mock interviews. Mock interviews let you make mistakes and get better before the interview and gives you greater confidence during your interviews.

Using the link above and signing up for the premium service gives you many more questions to practice with plus personal critiques from me on your answers.


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Why Confidence is Important on Interviews


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