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An answer to this question I read got me angry. I answer the question for myself here.

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I was on Quora this morning and saw someone posted a question. The question was, "Where can a 70-year-old man find a job?" The most uploaded answer was the 70-year-old man can find the jobs at a lot of places. Grocery stores. Landscaping offices. Clerks at gas stations. Consultant in the tech field. Tutor. Temp worker. Uber driver. Model for art school. Pizza delivery. Salesman.

There are 20 answers that this person gives and I read this and thought to myself, "Man! They don't have any idea that they are being ageist and have a bias that shows up." We look at these choices, they have no idea what this person's experience is. All that they know is that this is a 70-year-old man is looking for a job.

Why can't they find the job in whatever their field is? That wasn't addressed and wasn't even a consideration in coming up with these answers! It goes back to this notion that older workers are less able and less competent than workers who are not as old or younger workers. It is nonsense.

I just want to say that if you are 70 or above, if you have expertise in a particular field, go for that area of expertise. You know you will have to deal with the issue of bias and you might as well just take it head-on. I have videos and have spoken the individuals who are 60 and above about finding work in questions that they will be asked on interviews. Take a look at those videos. I think the playlist on YouTube talks about "over 50." That's really when the bias starts to come in.

Again, for you as a 70-year-old worker, for any person who is a 70-year-old worker. Yes, you can find jobs doing the kind of work mentioned answer. That assumes that you may only want to do part-time work or work that is less "strenuous." Looking at their answer , I think they are talking about less mentally strenuous, not necessarily physically strenuous.

Working at a Home Depot or a Lowe's or being a security guard. Those are some of the answers that were given! Why can't you do the kind of work you've always done if that is what you want to do? Why can't you consult organizations that want to bring you on and just don't have the hours needed so you work some hours for them and hours for other people?

There are lots of things that you are able to do you just have to learn to sell your ability to a market that may not understand it. It's not that tough. All you have to do is take it straight on , and if they don't believe you, you haven't established the. Credibility with them yet. You have to brand yourself within your field and not simply knocking on doors applying for jobs. Have job seeking you out.

Again, the notion that you are "less man," is ridiculous. Go out there and do whatever you did before and that will be perfectly fine.

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