EP 1745 In this video, I reference an article from Liz Ryan that outlines a number of very specific circumstances where it is OK to leave without giving notice.

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Someone asked the question that translated into, “When is it okay to quit without giving notice?” I remembered an article that Liz Ryan had written in the past that dealt with this subject. Liz is a tremendous resource. The article was released February 17, 2018 on Forbes. It’s a great piece and I want to give a full credit for this because it is a good article.

It starts off answering someone's question and lesson number one is don't give notice unless you know you will get paid for it. So, always make sure that the firm you're working for as a history of paying. Like I know I work with a search firm in the past where I knew that if I walked out the door, I do I was not going to see my money unless I went to the Department of Labor. That was going to take more than a year. So, I collected a commission check and left a little bit of money behind (less than $1000) collected a check for about $25,000 and walked out the door with my things and resigned the following Monday. So, I'll just simply say, never give notice unless you know you will be paid for it.

Then, she goes on to say here at your reasons why you can quit without giving notice. The first one is one is (I've covered this in previous videos) if you feel physically afraid to stay, then get out. Never stay where you feel at risk.

Number two is if you've already seen or heard of employee your company being walked out the door without the ability to work their last two weeks, don't chance it. Tell your boss you're quitting on your last day of work and not a moment before.

Number three. If you going to work for a competitor and you haven't seen any evidence that your company will honor your two-week notice period, don't give them the opportunity to jerk you around. Don't give notice. Just leave.

Number four. If you're you are already in a conflict with your boss and don't want to expose yourself to more abuse at their hands, don't give notice. Ignore the people who tell you it's unprofessional not to give notice. It's unprofessional not to give notice when you work for ethical people. You work for slime balls like at times I have, the professional thing to do was escape at the first opportunity!

Don't give notice if you're hanging on by a thread emotionally and you know that remaining at your job for two more work weeks will cause a breakdown or say things you shouldn't. Great advice. I have seen people decompensate in front of me because they were just under so much stress they needed to escape and after they broke down, then, they left. You don’t have to do that. Just leave.

Don't give notice if you need time to collect yourself and recover before you start your new job. As a recruiter, I’ve work with people who said, “ I need two weeks off before I start the new job. So, I’m going to give two weeks notice and start in two weeks. I am beat two heck” because they were working 90 hour work weeks. This was going to be the first time they were going to see their family. They actually wanted to spend some time with them.

Don't give notice if you feel that your boss will punish you for the crime of wanting to work for someone else. Boy! That is a big one! She writes, “unfortunately, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Some managers will use your last two weeks to insult you and put you down.”

There was a guy I represented when I worked in recruiting who had been with one of the large oil companies for 30 years. He was making very little like the salary of a junior programmer, having started off as a clerk and worked his way up. He gave notice; it was a big day in his life. He gave notice and you know what they did? They brought him to a small office with a desk and no phone and told him he was being reassigned to that spot with no work to do for two weeks. Tell me, how is that good for him or for the firm.

Don't give notice if you don't want to and the new job is ready for you to start right away. This is a tricky one because, sometimes, what you're doing is just chasing a bright shiny object and the idea of the new job may be stronger than the realities of the new job. I’m not so sure about this one. That's my personal take.

Skip the two week notice if your company is laying people off anyway. That’s a good one because, frankly, in the last recession, the person you gave notice became one of the new job cuts and saved someone else.

So, you don’t have to do it if there our cuts that are taking place and, rather than holding out those two weeks, just walk out the door.

Number 10 is don't give notice if your gut tells you that you would be foolish to give your boss another reason to mistreat you. Don't do it. Just leave.

These are great tips from her. I might quibble about one of them but, overall, it's great advice about specific circumstances under which it makes sense not to give notice.


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