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This is a trap question for managerial candidates to be set up with.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach for JobSearchCoachingHQ. com. That's a site with curated information that you can watch, listen to or read, that will help you find work more quickly. Now, this is a sucker question, because it's going to pull you into the trap. "What would your best employee say about you?"
Now, this is a question for someone or a manager level; it's never asked in the C suite. Those folks will catch the setup very quickly, but managers, often, will fall prey to this one. Because what this really is, is the "what are your strengths" question in disguise?
If you know my thinking, you know what the next question is going to be to follow up. So, with the "what would your best employees say about you," typically, people will start bragging and boasting about their people. They'll say I'm a good manager gives them a lot of latitude, doesn't micromanage . . . all the obvious stuff that you would expect. A good person gives me a lot of latitude. I've learned a lot from them yada, yada.
But the follow up question is the sucker move because while you're feeling all puffed up and happy, they on the other hand, are setting you up for the and what would your worst people say? what would the people who are your poorest performers say about you? That's really where they're going with this. They really don't care what the best people say. They care about what the worst people will say, and how self- aware you are. And you might just summoned up by saying, "you know, he's given me a lot of latitude. And, frankly, I've been stuck at times and he's always been fair. He's been someone who's come to me on a number of things and occasions to encourage me and push me. And what I found, time and again, is she(I'm just choosing different genders in the manager role) what she's always said to me is I believe that you can do great work and, for some reason, you're not delivering yet. What's getting in the way?
And she's always trying to make it better for me. "Is it a training issue and we haven't adequately prepared you for this? What could it possibly be?" And that's what you're doing in this answer is demonstrating concern for your people. That your fair, you're sincere, but here comes the big part of this. I want you to act this. So, in acting it, I think in terms of "HUH!" and you have to kind of make it seem like you're thinking of your answer.
"Wow. Hmm. I would say that what they'd tell you is and then you go into the answer as I've illustrated..
So I hope you find this helpful. Remember, there's a theater to interviewing. It's a performance art, and you have to be an expert on the stage to be most effective. So,if you're interested in my coaching you, connect with me on LinkedInI'mo.com/in/TheBigGameHunter.us. Mention that you saw the video because I like knowing I'm helping folks with it. Once we're connected. Send me a message that you're interested in coaching. Willset up time a free discovery call.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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