EP 1938 Firms will ask almost anything in order to get you to trip yourself up.  Here, under the guise of encouraging you to think deeply and engage in self-reflection, is another trap question.

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I promised you a provocative question when you saw this video and here it is.

If you were fired tomorrow, what would you do? How would you act? Who what you contact? What would you do?

I'm not being flip here, but I'm just saying the next recession is coming. I don’t know when. There is going to be another recession. I have my suspicions about when it’s going to occur, but that's irrelevant to this video. What is relevant is that there is going to be another recession or the firm you are working for is going to have to lay people off. It could involve you.

That's the situation I want to set up for you. What would you do? How would you go about your search and why aren't you doing things to anticipate that need and be prepared?

I understand you have got a job. I understand that you're busy. You’ve got a wife, or husband, or partner. You’ve got kids that want your attention. But, if you're out of work, suddenly, there will be a crisis in your family. So, here's what I want you to do.

I want you to think like the next recession is imminent and I want you to start planning ahead to do the sorts of things that will advantage you over the people who haven’t planned. You can do things like in build and enhance your network of relationships. You can do things like monthly, every other month, at latest, every third month, update your resume. Jot down some notes about what you’ve been doing.

You can do things to reconnect with people that you haven’t been in contact with in a while and just say, “hi! How are you?” and certainly, if people leave your firm, you can make sure that you're connected with them on LinkedIn and have their phone number and email address at home in case you want to connect with them in the future.

Those are couple of simple things that you can do. The most important thing is to develop a mindset now. One other mindset, apart from this, I'd like you to consider is what can you do NOW to reduce your cost structure so that if something like this did happen to you or did happen to your wife, husband or partner and needed to conserve capital so that you guys could last longer in your job search, where could you cut costs NOW.

I'm telling you there's going to be another recession. Everyone is going to be affected by it. I'm not saying you are going to get fired, but the economy is going to crater at some point and you want to be ready, just in case.

If I'm wrong, how have you hurt yourself, right? You spent some time in ways that you may be able to capitalize on in order to advance your career. If I'm right, you will put yourself ahead of so many other people in your preparation, in your readiness for this, you won’t believe it.

So, I have a couple things in my book and I’m not here to pitch the book to you, but “Get Ready for The Job Jungle,” is available as a PDF on www.TheBigGameHunter.us and on Amazon for Kindle.

The most important thing is get yourself ready, just in case. Be prepared and be proactive. Otherwise, you can really hurt yourself by your unwillingness to invest time now to head off a crisis later.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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