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Here, I explained what the Star method is an offer two additional alternatives and when to use them.

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Hi! I am Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome to another episode! Yay! And somebody
asked me a question that simply is "what is the STAR method in interviewing?"
ice the hurting different 140 years filled more than 1,200 full-time
positions plus consultants I know how to interview I've helped many people
interview better.I now coded rules about interviewing
job search, hiring more effectively, managing and leading, workplace related issues,
career development. I help in a whole host of ways related to your career. The STAR method
is a way of answering stories in engagement manner. Star stands for situation or
task should result so they get to a point where they as I said tell me about
a time when you (fill on the blank). This is a signal that their stories they want to
hear about a previous success you had and how you went together so you talk
about the situation or task you were assigned shouldn't that you took and the
result that you got. The results should be in terms of money saved, money earned,
percentage improvement. Now. That's it in a nutshell. And if you think about your
successes in the teeth and walk them into a star a con him into a star story
the story should be about a minute to a minute fifteen in length because, after a while,
people stopped listening, right? Like you're thinking about clicking away now, right?
Because we're at about 1:45. It feels long to you. On an interview, it feels even more
so plus you can engage them get to ask questions of you to follow up so
minute minute fifty now if you're more experienced I want you to think in terms
of the different acronym SOAR-- situation, objective, action, results because
you're less task oriented in a more result oriented that's not about what
you were trying to accomplish with in this situation the act of the result
that you got. So, there's a third one-- Par like par for the course. Problem, action
result. That's the third way depending upon if you forget. It's probably the easiest
way you can always remember. PAR for the course . . . and be able to work out a story
that deals a little action result i'm jeff hoffman hope you found this helpful
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ever be and Beaver


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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