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There is one mistake in the question I point out and then go further.

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I received a question from someone I really liked. The question is, "what else do recruiters/interviews look for when deciding between 2 remaining people who are equally good at delivering on the job?" I love this question! Let me tell you why.

There are some subtleties of the question that I think are fascinating. It starts off with no 2 people are equally qualified. They may meet some basic criteria But they are not identical. In addition, the question employees that recruiters and interviewers make the decision. Hiring managers make the decision, not recruiters. Interviewers can be staff level. Hiring managers. They make choices.

So what does the hiring manager do to decide between 2 very good options? I'm not going to say they are identical. 2 very good options.

Among the things that they look at is whether the candidate will accept their offer was made. Will they accept the offer when made at the price there willing to offer them? How will that person interact with them as manager? All this person help them look good? Is there a reason to worry about them? Are there tiebreaker skills? How are there oral communications? How are there written communications? Remember, communications can be expressed through emails. People send emails in the course of the search and there is information there that is shared that demonstrates whether they express themselves clearly and for some jobs that is going to be important.

Also, what would your colleagues think about this person? What is the staff think? There are millions Of different things. Let me not exactly. There are definitely hundreds of different things to look out for when making this decision between different alternatives. That can include what their wife/husband/partner think. That's because in the course of talking through the problem with them, they may have a suggestion as to how to evaluate that we cannot even consider it.

Those are a few things that go into it.

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