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Someone messaged me a question. It's a common fear that people have. I think the question is a fine one and it's full expression. Let me just read the full question to you. "What do recruiters do when they see someone in their company on a job board? Do they let management know or is implied to keep it confidential?"
Ooooooh! Confidential.
Now, I'll start off by saying what do you think they do? Now, if you think you will be fired instantly, that's probably not going to happen. What is probably going to happen . . . I remember this from an experience I had with a client of mine who had seen one of their senior people on a job board and the first thing that they did was start interviewing for a replacement. Note that one.
They figured out that what they should do is get a head start on finding the replacement for this person and, if they found someone, you know, comparable or better, they would let the person go. Now, for you, you're probably a more junior individual. Your boss may take you in and say, "Look, we saw your resume on a job board," and give you that "come to Jesus moment." That moment where you've been talked to about loyalty
What are your plans? What are you doing? Stuff like that designed to scare you straight and make you stay there or try and resolve the issues that's prompting you to look elsewhere. That's one or the other. From your vantage point, the probability is . . . well, if you're junior, they may give you that talking too. The dumb thing that you can did was that on the job board that they found this, you didn't pay anything to blind your name. In other words, like,, for example, on one board I know you can pay a little bit extra and they'll come up with this lengthy email address and obscure your name and stuff along those lines to hide the fact that it's you. You can't hide the employer because the reality is that's part of the brand that's your association with the firm that you're associated with . . . and it helps to sell you.
But what you can do with many of the job boards is obscure your name so the name is not out there prominently. Some managers are smart and they can figure it out because they know the background but, the reality is, don't make it easy for them.
Don't make it so obvious that you're looking for something else. What you should be doing if you're with job boards is contacting firms yourself rather than waiting for them and posting your resume. Think of it this way.
Your resume is not out there hanging out on a job board. What it's there is for you when you want to aggressively find something else, you're contacting these firms that are advertising and trying to submit your resume for jobs. Your LinkedIn profile is for when you want to be found and, when they're out looking, that's what you're trying to do. So, it needs to be keyword rich and you want to make it attractive to recruiters, both corporate and third party.But back to your original question, the probability is if you are junior, you're going to get a talking to that's like the stern father who's going to be talking to you harshly. If you're a more senior person, they've got a heads up that you're leaving and they're going to s


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