What Are the 4 Parts of a Cover Letter? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

EP 2219: Also, should I send an unsolicited cover letter to a major company

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What Are the 4 Parts of a Cover Letter? | No BS Job Search Advice Radio

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2219 on the number one podcast and apple
podcast for job search this is wbf job
search of ice radio i'm jeff olip in the
big game hunter and welcome
saturday was a very sad day for me i was
in new york
uh when 9 11 occurred
and i'm not there any longer but there
are a lot of memories i have of that day
that all got activated saturday
shared some notes online with people
about my experiences that day
for a few weeks thereafter like i said
very sad day for me and
obviously a lot worse for many other
so if you're one of those folks
my heart is with you uh if you lost
friends or family that day
blessings to you you've been carrying a
load with you for a long time
today's show is one where i talk about
the four parts of a cover letter and
whether or not you should send an
unsolicited cover letter to a major
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we'll be back in just one moment what
are the four major points of a cover
should you write an unsolicited cover
letter offering your services for a
multinational company
i don't know what this person does
you know i have no idea whether
they're white collar blue color no color
whether they're
a lawns long keeper uh
or they're a developer or a nurse to use
that example
here's what i see is of the major parts
of a cover letter
number one it connects to something
and the something is
it can be a job that you're networking
it can be a reference and this is the
preferable one you're referred by
and thus that's the opening to it
number two is
your resume calls attention to how your
background fits what you understand
they're looking for
number three you close it out by telling
them you know you appreciate them
reviewing it and your resume
and you'll follow up on it in two days
i see three parts four
it seems arbitrary
to me it's only three because the resume
is the sales tool
the cover letter is the appetizer and if
you're uploading a resume to an
applicant tracking system make page one
of the resume
the cover letter and keyword stuff it
with what you understand it is they're
looking for
in terms of requirements of the position
and functionality and indicate how long
and how recently you've performed it
and part two the question was write an
unsolicited unsolicited cover letter
offering your services to a
multinational company that's spam
and no one wants to be spammed
what they want to do you know is
how does how what you offer fits their
otherwise what you're doing is garbage
and i know when i did search i would
walk in on a monday morning to 200
200 resumes on a monday morning and at
at most too vaguely fit what i was
looking for
everything else was junk and it stole by
you don't want to antagonize people and
overwhelm them with garbage it's a waste
of your time and theirs so a cover
letter is not going to get you an
interview a resume
if it makes the case for why you could
help solve one of their problems
so that's today's show i hope you found
it helpful and if you did here are a few
things i can do to help you with your
job search beyond simply being your
first of all i've got a new book out
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you probably have noticed my show notes
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my website has a ton of great
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jeff altman so this way when you're
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hope you have a terrific day and most
be great


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