Using a Website to Promote Yourself

Another way for you to brand yourself is to create a website. Websites are very easy to create and update and can be a fabulous branding tool for you. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge or a Ph.D. in computer science to create a good website. All you need is good content and you can have your website up in a matter of a couple of hours.

The reason good content is important is that more and more recruiters like me are using automated resume search software and search engines to streamline our work. The software will automatically search multiple job boards and the web concurrently by keyword(s), return a resume, and allow me to read the resume and/or send an email to someone to discuss and discuss an opportunity. This is a huge timesaver for recruiters and may be your initial point of contact with many of us.

As a result, your website content has to be about you and be keyword rich. Some basic pages you should have on your website are:

About you: 3-4 paragraphs that talk about your personal and professional background.

Your Resume: Create your resume on a webpage and put up links to a word and a PDF version of it.

Portfolio: If you have done any work that stands out and your employer/former employer doesn’t mind you sharing it, put it out there for others to see.

  • Contact information: This should have your email address and links to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social network profile pages.           
  • Video: If you can create a video of yourself, upload it to your site. Simple information like this is all you need for a robust website.

Other information you can add includes:

  • Professional articles that you have written whether they have been published or not.
  • Links to high-quality industry related resources

When you have your website content ready, it is time to put it into a website. If you are not web savvy and have a restricted budget, you can still create a website for just a few dollars a year.


To do so:

  • Go to com or These websites allow you to create a website of your own for free. They have pre-built templates that help you to create your site easily. Once you create your site, you can pick other templates and the content is formatted automatically. They even have guides about creating web pages but the guide is very simple and you shouldn’t have any trouble creating your website. Your website host may also have easy-to-use site creation tools to help you create a site.

After you have finished creating your site, you can buy an appropriate domain name for it. Both Weebly and Wix can assist you with purchasing a domain. Other services will charge less for domain registration and then you can speak with their technical support to teach you how to configure their service to point to your web pages on Weebly and Wix. You can find these services through a Google search.

If you are in a field where you have to be more artistic, then you need a better website. You can create a site using whatever tools you are comfortable with.

I find WordPress very easy to work with. There are millions of themes available that will help you create the image for the site that you want. Then, there are plug-ins that will help you refine it. Many different people can help you with your site design. They will charge a fee of course. There are many free courses available to help you with WordPress if you just Google them.

You can also use a website like which is relatively easy to use services that place your resume on the web easily so that it can be found by corporate and third party recruiters who use search engines and other tools to locate talent.

The goal of your website is to help you brand yourself. Don’t make the design too flashy unless you are in an artistic field (as a matter of fact, websites with lots of graphics and images are more difficult for search engines to index, making it harder for you to be found by people looking for your talents.

Keep it simple and professional and, whatever you do, don’t say anything negative about anyone or give out current or past employer secrets. Nothing good can come from doing so.

Once your website is created, start to promote it. Here are some areas where you can promote your website:

  • Social networks like your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network page that you have.
  • Put it on your resume
  • Add it to your business cards if you have one
  • Tell your family and friends about it and ask them to spread the word
  • Article directories, forums, and blogs.

Adding services like these that make your site more “sticky (as in wanting to stick to your website longer),” add to website’s ranking on Google and other search engines and bring more people to it.

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JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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