Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter offers two important tips for when you have an all day job interview.

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I want to tell you story that relates to having a full day of interviews.

Yesterday, I had someone flown out for a day of interviews with the client. 8 AM to 6 PM was the schedule. He actually finished up at about 7 PM. 11 hours of interviewing and a break for lunch. He was seeing people every 40 minutes. I'll be shocked if his head wasn't spinning by the end of this day.

However, I gave him one piece of advice that he told me was really helpful to him. You know how in job hunting we are told that it's a marathon and not a sprint? That's true in job hunting, but it interviewing, on days when you have a schedule like this, you have to think that you are doing lots of sprints.

Every person, every person you meet with and speak with, you have to try to connect with them and think that you have 40 minutes to create a great impression.

If you're casual about it, if you think you can feel out the other person what they want to hear, you will be mistaken. In the schedule that this person had and the one that you may have if you are scheduled for an all-day interview, you have to go in there "guns blazing."

40 minutes. 45 minutes. You gotta go in there and create a great impression. You you have to size them up as you presuppose them to be and interact with them in that way. Trust your gut.

My advice about asking about the role of the beginning of an interview goes out the window because you cannot asked that 15 times.

Think about it from the perspective of the employer. What is each one of them trying to find out about you? The only question I would suggest asking at the beginning of each conversation, if you don't know, as you shake hands with them or as you're sitting down ask them, "What's your role with the firm?"

This way you know, to use an example from IT, is this someone that you be interacting with from the user community, and IT manager, someone from operations, or any other area. You want to be speaking the right language to them. All that happens is you talking past them and you will lose.

So as you sit down with them, just asked them, "What's your role with your organization?"

So there are two tips on today's podcast: lots of sprints and asking about their role is with the firm.

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