Tough Interview Questions: What Is Your Favorite Part of Being a Manager? |

This question is a variation on the one you might be asking people that you interview where you asked, “What are your strengths?” Like that question, this has a follow-up that relates to weaknesses.

Tough Interview Questions: What Is Your Favorite Part of Being a Manager? |

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What is your favorite part of being a manager? I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, a career and leadership coach. I'm a former executive recruiter who now works to help people perform at a high level with job search, hiring more effectively, managing and leading, as well as resolving workplace-related issues.

This is one of those questions that you as a manager might be asked on an interview and, as such, you want to be thinking of this as being the the strengths, part of the question. Remember those questions that you ask? Tell me about your strengths or your greatest strengths. And then you follow up with weaknesses. The next question they're probably going to ask is, "what is your least favorite part of the job?"

Now, the strengths question, the favorite part of the job is "I love getting results. I love working with my team, and coaching them, cajoling them, supporting them, and helping them get the results that we've been asked to get. And in doing that, I like cultivating my people. But I also like, the accolades with a job well done, I love to see the results."

So it's not just what you say that matters. Remember, interviewing involves theater and when you hire people, you want to see that they're excited when they talk about the work. Well, the same thing is going to happen for you, too. They want to see that you're excited about getting results.

Now the weaknesses, the least favorite part is, "on occasion, one of my top performers, goes into a slump. And I notice it and having to go to someone who's been so good for so long, and will take it to heart, feel wounded by the fact that I'm asking them. "'So what's going on? You seem off. Is there something in your personal life? Like what's going on that's prompting you to to not be you?' that kind of a situation and insisting that they get back in the game? That's always hard for me. I do it. But that one's my least favorite things because this person has been a great performer for a long time. They've helped me look good. They've looked good. And then to have to have that conversation bothers me. But I do it anyway, because it's important to get the results. And it's important for them to know that someone cares enough to ask them. "

So that's how I would tackle those questions. I hope you found this helpful. I'm Jeff Altman. My website is Go there; go exploring in the blog, there's thousands of posts that will help you, again, with job search, hiring more effectively, managing and leading, resolving workplace-related issues.

If you're interested in a one on one coaching, you can schedule time at the website for a free discovery call or dive right into coaching. I'd love to help you. I also have courses available that you can purchase. They cover a lot of things from a job search perspective. So, again, that's available through the website,

Lastly, connect with me on Linkedin at Mention that you saw the video because I like knowing I'm helping some folks. And once connected, you can always schedule that time for free discovery call back at the website.

Have a terrific day and be great! Take care!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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  1. Jen H

    that’s not that tough… if its not helping your people grow and accomplish more than they thought they could… the problem is the selfish, egotistical applicants know the right answer and don’t put that into practice… they backstab, ignore those that can’t help them and let the role go to their head…

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