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The set up to the question is a great fake out. Would you get it? I think most people wouldn’t.

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I want to give you 1 of those tough interview questions . . It is not a deflection per se, but It is a question designed to see whether your tunnel vision person or a conceptual thinker. Here is how the situation is set up.

You are in an interview and there is a piece of paper and a pen in front of you. You are invited to turn her head all the way to the left. Then, in one's sweep they want you to focus on everything that you see, that is the color blue. You move from left to right and notice everything that is the color blow. One sweep is all that you get. When you are done, you are told to look down and close your eyes. Then they say to you, "Without looking, there is a piece of paper and a pen in front of you. We want you to write down everything that you've seen that is the color green."

Catch that one.

You want to find out if you noticed anything other than the specific thing that they asked you to look for. It is a very tricky question and thus when you're invited to do the sweep, I want to encourage you to notice everything. They may pick a different color like notice everything green and then picked blue. They may say look for everything blue and then ask you about yellow.

Notice everything. Pay attention to what is around you because obviously the trick here is not the tunnel vision, the specific thing that they are inviting you to notice, but what you notice be God.


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