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In this video, I explain how to answer this golden opportunity of a question.

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I wanted to talk with you today about how to answer one of those tough interview questions. You know, a question this is designed to … I don't want to say, have you put your foot in your mouth because that really isn't the case. What this question does… It is kind of like being a lawyer in court. You have a chance for a great summation. And we've seen enough T v. shows and movies to see what lawyers do.

And that's really your opportunity with this question.

“Is already thing else you'd like to add?” is the way the question is asked.

Sometimes, it's done in a first interview. Often, it's done in a final interview and mentally, you need to be prepared to tie the bow on the package for the interviewers because this really is a summation of your qualifications for the role.

If you have watched any of my videos before, you know I believe that from the very first conversation you have you found out about the job and there is a way that I teach to find out about the role at the beginning of your very first interview and your next few so that you can make it easy for them to see the fit. But now that you are at the summation phase, you want a really make it obvious. So, you might answer the questions with something along the lines of, “you know, when I spoke with (fill in the blank name of the person you met with. And it might be two or three people), they made it very important to them that they were looking for someone with such and such type of a background. And, just to give you a perspective on my experience, again, this is what I've done that relates to the role, and it's very similar to the format I talked about with cover letters. You talked about experience with such and such and I have done that for about four years.

Along the way as you talk about some of the things that you've been doing for the organization and the things that you want the new hire to do. This is what I have done. You then kind of talk about three or four different things that relate to the role and how your background fits. So, from there you do this summation by going, “I have been so impressed with the people I've net with. I think this is a terrific opportunity.” If you know what the price points are with the role you might continue and say, “You've spoken with me about the salary range for the role, and my background and my desired compensation fit within that. I am really looking forward to joining. I hope you choose me. And if you have any other questions, that's what I'm here for . . . Is to Make sure that I answered the questions and demonstrate my fit.”

That's a good basic way of summarizing it. As a coach and as a former recruiter, again, I worked in search for more than 40 years, I've heard people do a great job, and I've gotten feedback from hiring managers about people who did an awful job. Coalesce your thoughts before you go in for the final interview, in particular. That’s because they’ve already shared a lot about themselves and what they're looking for in someone. You have an opportunity to have this framed out in your mind. I’m not talking about having every one down pat. But, get the answer framed out in your mind in such a way that you were comfortable with how you answer.

So, again, focus in what they’ve explained to you they're looking for. Give them a few notches about how your background fits that. You might mention three or four key attributes. “I have led the a team of people of a comparable size, I've worked with this technology or handled this business function.” Again, three or four different things that they've spoken about that your background fits.

Talk about how much you like the people and that you think it could be great working with them. And that the comp they've spoken about with you is certainly one she'd that you would find acceptable. Then, you can add, particularly at the higher levels, so they're going to get you at the lower range and not the high one.


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