Too often managers act shocked when someone gives notice when all the signs were there if only you paid attention and notice them.


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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career and leadership coach. And I work with people in organizations, helping people with job search, hiring more effectively managing and leading and workplace related issues. And today, I'm back with some more No BS Management Advice for you. And this video is about recognizing the signals that someone's thinking about leaving.

Because so often, there are signals and managers miss them. They're so busy, caught up in their own work and dealing with, you know, the minutiae of everyday work life, that they blow this kind of stuff off. And it's something that should be recognized, should be addressed, because maybe you can resolve it before the resignation conversation.

So how do you spot some of the the issues that basically signal to you that they're thinking of going? Number one is, they act differently than they have before. This passionate, enthusiastic person, suddenly is the . . . work is slipping, or they're just not getting things done, or their enthusiasm is has waned. Now, sometimes that's a personal issue and thus ignoring it can signal to them that you don't really care. So just having a private conversation, that basically says something . . . "Is something up for you, because I noticed that for years, or for months, or for the longest time, you've been an enthusiastic and passionate member of the team. I'm not seeing that these days. So, you know, what's going on?" And that opens up a conversation for you.

Another signal that they'll give you is they just, you know, open up more with their being dissatisfied. They suddenly become complainers, when they were normally very upbeat and enthusiastic. A third one is pleasing you just doesn't matter to them. And they're not trying to please you. Sometimes they're not trying to please the people, excuse me, they're supposed to be serving. So when you get that kind of a signal, it's got to get addressed. And the fourth one is around time. They're just not as available as they once were.

So, I just want to remind you pay attention. Don't slough these things off as "they're having a bad day." Sometimes a bad day becomes a bad week, a bad month and a bad three months. You don't want to get that habit allowed, because other people will pick up on it and wonder why you're not addressing it. And that's really an issue for everyone is that you don't have the courage to have the conversation with the person to resolve it. Maybe it isn't resolvable because they're broke, and they need more money and you can't get it for them without causing some additional issue.

Whatever it is, try and solve it proactively, rather than hoping it goes away, sticking your head in the ground and acting like an ostrich.

Hope you found this helpful. I'm Jeff Altman, visit my website, There's just a lot there that will help you. In addition, if you're interested in my coaching you, reach out to me through the site, you can schedule time for a free discovery call or schedule time for coaching. I'd love to help. Obviously coaching is billable time for me.

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The Top 4 Signs Someone Is Thinking of Leaving | No BS Management Advice

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