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Sometimes, someone on the interview team will make a snide remark and wait for your reaction. Here I explained how to respond to a particularly cutting comment.

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This is a show where I spend time talking with you about some element of job search because I believe it doesn't have to be quite as hard, difficult, painful or take as long as it does. It is just a different skill set that can be learned, just like every other.

On today’s show, I want to talk with you about and answer, about how to respond to 1 of those off-the-cuff snide remarks that interviewer’s sometimes throw out there. So, I heard about this yesterday from someone and in the debrief that I did with her after the interview, I made is a recommendation as to how they could've handled it differently.

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Let me give you an example of an off-the-cuff insult from and interviewer. So, the interview’ s going along fine and people are very friendly with you and someone makes this remark . Ready?

“You really don't have to be smart to do this job.” BOING!

What are they telling you? Are they telling you that they are going to treat you like a moron? I think that what they are saying is that they really have very low expectations of someone in the role.

What's the message here?

Here is my suggested way of responding.

#1 is, “What makes you think that?” They will probably tell you some story about how the last 3 people there at probably been, “numbed into submission.” I said, “numbed into submission” because organizations just want people to operate like it's a factory.

No matter what the job is, you our like a factory worker. As you listen to their answer, you nod knowingly, and then you pause for a second and Say, “That may be your past experience, but imagine what someone with intelligence could do here? Imagine what someone some drive and motivation could do here to make things different .”

eSo, that becomes a very quick response that makes them think you’re intelligent. Number 2 is, you've got drive and motivation beyond what these people had, and they’re not going to find it so easy to put you into that box. Your arriving beyond that and you have a lot of capacity to help them.


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