There is a formatting informational interviews that works very well and allows you to complete them in 30 minutes. Here’s how it goes.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. Yay and I'm gonna talk with you today
about informational interviews because informational interviews are one of the
most important ways that you're going to get job leads and perhaps even a job
That's because the statistics are that 70% of positions are filled as a result of
networking 70% of the 70% almost half that's 49% come as a result of
introductions to people your network knows who you don't so informational
interviews are a great way to get leads and, often, they're with people that you
don't know particularly well or haven't been in contact with in a long time so
what can you do? And, you know, I thought I would offer up an agenda for the meeting
so it takes about a half hour tops.. That's because most people start getting antsy
when you start crossing over the 30 minute mark
it's just the way human nature is so the first part of this is chit chat hi how
are you thanks for making time to meet with me if it's an old acquaintance an
old friend an old collie you're gonna spend a little bit more time on the chit
chat right because you get caught up if it's a new acquaintance
you know, you gush profusely over them and their willingness to meet with you.
From there, you talk about why you wanted to meet with them, what you were hoping
to get and so far we're talking the chit chat is gonna take longer than this part
which is basically to explain why you want to meet with them and from there
you start going into your questions.. Questions designed to flush out more
about what they know about this profession what they know about the
market for what you do people and opportunities things along those lines
And the goal here is not to focus on people and opportunities. It's to focus on
answers to questions in general and cause them to start thinking of you and
their mind, what you can do for someone else. From
there you start of thanking them profusely is one ask them if there's
something that you can do to help them like if they need support on something
or your help with something in some way.. You're very willing to do it, not just
simply there while you're visiting but call the William email you reach out to
you for some help or advice and certainly a time in the future if they
want you to reciprocate, you'd be very happy to do so because they were so gracious
with you that's the entire thing not a big production but just kind of frame it
in that way and play it by ear and I'm sure you'll get some results I'm Jeff
Altman. hope you have a great day. My website is If
you're interested in my coaching you you can schedule a free discovery call by
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channel here and lastly lastly hope you found this helpful and I hope you have a
great day. Take care


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