A man watches a butterfly trying to emerge from a cocoon and helps it in the lesson he learns. Very applicable to those of you who manage people.

The Importance of Struggle | Career Angles | #shorts

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A man noticed a butterfly trying to break out of its cocoon

It was struggling and struggling. So what he did was find a knife and open up the cocoon so the butterfly could get out. And what he noticed afterwards was the butterfly had a big body and Tiny Wings. He

watched him for a while and noticed that that didn't change. It wound up with a big body and Tiny Wings and really couldn't fly. And was kind of running around and running around and not able to get off the ground. And what he grew to realize is that that struggle to get out was going to allow the butterfly to develop its wings and have its body become smaller.

And thus lesson learned is that you have to let people struggle sometimes in order to let them grow


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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