The couch is your enemy.

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hi I'm Jeff oven the big game hunter I'm
called the big game hunter because I
coach people the plaintiff professional
and personal games big see back there
I've got a couch I'm sure you have one
in your home may be in your office and
I've learned over the course of years
the couch is my enemy I want to point
this out to you are you someone who's
been trying to do something for a long
time are you someone who's talking to
talk and not walking the walk you know
you talk about starting a business and
haven't done it yet you talk about
developing a new product haven't done it
yet you talk about your job and how its
sapping the life out of you haven't done
anything yet I suspect that thing back
there is around why do I say that
because comes the end of the day that's
the place that you sit down and maybe
it's the comfortable chair in front of
the TV maybe it's you go online and surf
report or play games or spend time on
Facebook but that's your enemy if you
can do something a small step every
single day toward what you want to
accomplish at the end of the year the
end of six months you'll have gotten
gotten done a ton now I want to be clear
I'm not expecting you to suddenly go you
know I think I can have a product on a
week now you may have other parts of
your life you've got a wife husband or
partner you've got kids you know you've
got responsibilities you've got a job
but that couch isn't gonna get you
anywhere close to what's really dream of
doing take a half hour every evening to
get up or a little bit early to half
hour of the morning when it's quiet and
just focus in on that which
want to achieve not sure what that is
perfect it's been a half hour focused on
researching it like for example I was
talking to a coaching client yesterday
and you know she had an interest in a
charitable endeavor wasn't quite sure
what to do hate let's work on I came
where you're figuring out over the
course of the next eight weeks what
charitable endeavor you wanted to take
some time each day you know to create
the results that you want at the end of
this eight-week period but do you
research start investigating reach out
to talk with people and that's the same
for you too if you're not sure what to
do eventually we're going to have to
take an initial first leap that's a
given but I'm telling you from
experience that thing back there isn't
going to help you that TV set isn't
going to help you what's going to help
you is small incremental steps every day
so get off the couch and get busy living
I'm Jeff Alban hope you found this
helpful if you are interested my
coaching you will have links below but
my website is no BS coaching advice com
reach out to me I'd be happy to work
with you and help you do it in a way we
can have some fun hope you have a great
day take care


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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