You can swim with the river or swim against it.. Which do you think you should do?

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I want to talk to you older workers for a second about something that I know you
know on one level is happening but on other levels you didn't know me how it's
going to affect you and when it's costing you your career. And that is the
notion of change now I'll speak about my career and using an example when I
started recruiting in the 1970s like 1972, the hot technology was Cobol ya
know. Ultimately what happens is things change and different technologies
became the hot technology and they changed and new things replaced them . And
this isn't about the hot technology and what's hot in the market but it's about
the need to adapt. I remember when COBOL was becoming passe and people were
starting to use mini computers programming in languages that are
completely irrelevant now and there are recruiters who would say but then the
COBOL jobs. I've got these great COBOL people," and then ended apt and if you
look at your field and the one that you're working in now and start thinking
about the changes that you've seen over the course of either your brief career
your long time we on this field you'll see the things have changed and you can
argue with them like I don't want to learn this stuff and might as well at
that moment concede the fact that your career will come to an end because there
are other people who do want to learn that stuff who do want to get involved
with those things that are new and hot and desirable and it's not like you're
necessarily going to be the best of that technology but you need to
get some experience with whatever that thing is that's the new hot thing in
your field you need to keep attending conferences you need to keep paying
attention reading the trades understanding what's changing what's
adapting to change and adapt with it. Now, for you, unless you do this, let's skip
ahead a couple years. There's going to be some version of
recession that's the reality not everything goes up in a straight line
all the time and this isn't about who's gonna be elected president and who isn't
going to be elected president. There's going to be a recession at some point no
matter who's elected and when firms start evaluating who to cut unless
you've adapted you're an expensive item for them especially knowing the old
stuff so you gotta learn new you always have to stay current you always have to
adapt or otherwise I'm going to start calling it Dino the dinosaur you know
you're going to wind up being a dinosaur a legacy individual an old-timer run
that they tell stories about jokes about at the office about the person who
missed the opportunity to be on the cutting edge who missed that and made
the decision that cost them their career you know there are so many instances
that I've seen of people who made this mistake who hang on for dear life and
the truth is if you'll learn the new stuff even if they do cut you because
there's no guarantee that they won't you can learn that finding another position
or contract work during the down times because the new stuff you have
experience with the new stuff. So stay up to date with your field. Make sure you're
current and if there's so many things that it's hard to stay current with it
do your best! But don't get stuck in the mindset that says, "Uh! Something else! Uh!
Uh!" He's not whining about it no one likes a whiner no matter what the
subject is don't be the office complainer adapt spearhead the change
encourage other people to adapt as well you'll wind up being a survivor have a
great day


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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