The Benefits of Volunteering During a Job Search

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
In this video, I’ll discuss the 5 major benefits of volunteering during a job search.

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[00:53] Learning
[01:26] Networking
[01:49] Demonstrate dedication
[02:25] Upgrade your resume & LinkedIn profile
[02:47] Give back
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Branding Yourself Is Important and Easy

We’re going to be talking about the benefits of volunteering during a job search. I’m Jeff Altman. I was nicknamed The Big Game Hunter when I still did recruiting. That’s because I would hunt down leaders and staff for organizations, did it for a long time and filled a lot of positions. Now, I provide no BS coaching and career advice globally. That can relate to a job search, hiring more effectively, managing and leading better, resolving workplace issues and much more.

Volunteering can help you by providing you with valuable skills, experiences and connections. Note that. Connections that can help you find the job. So I want to hit on five major points that, you know, I tell people.

The first is you can get new skills and experiences because volunteering allows you to learn new things, and gain valuable experience that can be applied to your job search now, or in the future. It can be applied to your work now or in the future. And that’s whether you volunteer at a nonprofit, a community center, or participate in a volunteer program, it’s a great way to get new skills and experience that can be added to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

It also lets you network in your field because . . . or outside of your field for that matter, because volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new people. You’ll have the chance to meet them, build relationships, and expand your professional network, which can be very helpful when looking for job opportunities now,volunteer and in the future.

It also shows a dedication and commitment. Now, you may think of this as being do gooder stuff but it’s a great way you can demonstrate your dedication and commitment to your field to a different field. Whatever it is, it shows that you care and employers are always looking for people who are passionate about their work and are committed to making a difference in your current field no matter what it is, or in a different field. You have a genuine interest It matters to you and you care.

Telling Stories, Not Tall Tales

It also helps you upgrade your resume and LinkedIn profile because it improves that by showcasing skills and experiences and achievements that may be a little different than your typical job might show and thus stand out to potential employers, hiring managers and such and increase your chances of landing a job.

And yes, you can give back to your community and show that you care. Having that positive impact. People get to know about you, more people get to know about you. And this can help boost your confidence.

So to sum up, volunteering during a job search and beyond can be a great way to get new skills and experiences, network with people, show your dedication and commitment, and improve your resume and LinkedIn profile while you’re giving back. That can be to your community. It could be a community-related to your field. So obviously there are groups related to project management, program management and many others. It doesn’t have to be, quote unquote, do gooder stuff. It can be stuff related to work.

Thanks for watching. I’m Jeff Altman. Visit my website, There’s a ton on the blog that will help you. In addition, you can schedule time for having your questions answered. I call that Trusted Advisor Services. You can schedule a free discovery call to evaluate me to become your coach. You can also schedule time for coaching, itself.

You can also find out about my video courses, books, and guides. Again, a lot there to help. I also want to mention, you should be connecting with me on Linkedin at My Network tends to be a lot larger than most peoples’. So connecting with me will enhance your second-level connections and give you more reach. By the way, if this isn’t the right time to visit my website, just put that address in your phone, and in the notes field, put the phrase job search blog. This way, you can come back to it on another occasion. Have a terrific day and most importantly, be great!

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