Take it easy

Take It Easy

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

I grew up in an era where a common thing to say was, “Take it easy.” Implied in the phrase is “don’t exert yourself too hard. Don’t try too hard.

The thing we never asked in reply was, “Why?” Why should I take it easy?

At work, at school before that, I found myself conditioned to take it easy and not do my best work or put in “best effort.” Worse than that, I find it as an endorsement of mediocrity.

Good enough isn’t. Being great, standing out from the pack and being your best is. Will it always be financially rewarded? No? So, what? You will be developing a muscle that will reward you with creativity, inspiration and much more.

Real leaders don’t aspire to good enough. They feel a spark inside, they want to combust into a flame that can be used to light a torch that others will follow.

You can’t do that by taking it easy. You have to take the risk of expending and doing your best, knowing it will not always be seen or valued by others.


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