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Stupid Interview Mistake: Winging It |

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Ep 665 I discuss the second big mistake job hunters make–winging it.


I'm back today with another 1 of those stupid interview mistakes that way too many people make. Let me paint a picture for you.

If you are an accountant and there was someone who walked in the office and said, "I would like to be an accountant," and you had them in the computer spreadsheet and said to them, "Go be an accountant," how effective do you think they would be? And yes, I know you could probably come up with that one miracle child who knew exactly what to do in order to be an accountant.

Let's try this 1. You take a person who's never seen an automobile before, put them behind the wheel of the car and say to them, "Go drive to the store." Interviewing is just like these situations. There are rules, logistics that you need to know in order to be effective. You go to job interviews and say to yourself, "Well, I'm just going to wing it!" Is stupid on your part. It really is a stupid mistake.

You need to take time, whether it is for an in person interview or a phone interview,, to prepare for an interview. I have a video with what I call a pre-interview checklist. What you need to be doing is practicing how your experience relates to what they are looking for. Be prepared to tell stories about what you did and how you went about doing it. Don't make the mistake of just simply saying to yourself,, "It will be no problem. I will just simply walk in and we get."

That's the way amateurs conduct themselves. Amateurs think that they can figure it out.. Pros take the time to prepare. Don't believe me? Watch a professional athlete. Do you think all those plays are not rehearsed? You don't think they practice them from the time they were 6 years old until now when they're paid millions of dollars to execute these place? Of course they were trained. Of course they practiced. These are the top people in the field right now and they are practicing all the time. Why can't you?

They do it because their successAnd their livelihood is tied into it. Well, your success is tied into it as well and you are acting like an amateur.


Jeff Altman - , The Big Game Hunter - Job Hunting Coach - Job Search Coach
Jeff Altman – , The Big Game Hunter – Job Hunting Coach – Job Search Coach

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Stupid Interview Mistake #2: Winging It


In this video, I discuss the second big mistake job hunters make–winging it.


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