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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter explains how to save time when using job boards just like recruiters do so you can go back to doing other things that will get you more results.

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I want to remind you something you probably know, but may have forgotten about that will simplify your job hunting so that you can go often work in the more productive things.

The thing I'm going to remind you of is setting up search agents on different job boards in order to have jobs delivered to you. The best want to do that is back it up with sent because sometimes the fees that are sent to these firms are little bit different. You may get redundancies but when all is said and done, you're going to make sure that you don't miss out on something.

If you feel insecure, do this with (if you're in technology),,, Set these up is backups in case. Indeed and simplyhired miss something,

When all is said and done, what setting up a search agent does is streamline the use of job boards. In this way, you are not searching them every single day for whether there is a job therefore you. From there, I want to encourage you not to automatically respond because it has the keywords. Look at the listing to make sure that you have the actual experience, THEN, compare it with your actual resume to see if your resume Mac makes the actual case for you being qualified.

So often, I get resumes that in no way, shape or form fit when I'm actually looking for but there is probably A word in there that came up in the search agent and send the resume. It is a waste of their time and mind..

Just take a moment and see if your resume actually fits the job If you experience fits the job at your resume is generic, tailor the resume and then submit it. You don't want to be like that broken watch that is right twice a day. You want to actually get the interview. After all, if you're going to make the investment in time, you actually want to get the interview and not just simply flip resumes over the transom like your person at a fast food restaurant flipping burgers to people. You actually want to be getting the interview.

Again, tell your resume to what you see from the search agent and then, from there, submit.

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