Signs of a Toxic Organization

Signs of a Toxic Organization

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

  1. A high-pressure interview. If questions are thrown at you like machine gun fire or they explain their expectations for you and the results they want seem unreasonable, you are walking into a toxic environment.
  2. If you look up people on LinkedIn who have done the work you will be doing at this firm and you see how long they’ve worked there and notice they don’t stay long, it is likely a toxic environment.
  3. A lack of transparency during the interview. Are they vague when describing your role and responsibilities? Do you notice the interview team looking at one another as though they are not sure how to answer? They should be selling you on an opportunity not trying to figure out who is going to lie to you.
  4. Excessive micromanagement. This happens when your interviewer is overly specific in what you should do and how you should do it. You sense not having any freedom to make your own decisions and problem-solve.
  5. They don’t communicate with you about your work and progress. Managers should provide quality feedback, not perpetual criticism. They also need to be available to answer questions.

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