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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question about whether it is better to apply for a job through LinkedIn or via email.

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"Assuming both options are available, is it better to apply for job directly through LinkedIn or via email? Why?"

What do you think? The answer for me is do it through email. Why? If you do it through LinkedIn, in most cases what LinkedIn wants you to do is submit your profile as the application.. Your profile isn't tailored for what the recruiter was looking for. That's true whether you're corporate or third-party recruiter. Instead, I would say submitted through email AND make sure your LinkedIn profile complements your resume so that they are congruent with what you're communicating of the resume.

Sometimes, information is absent in the profile that is added in the resume and from start to ask themselves why there is an inconsistency. Is this experience relatively trivial and they are trying to beef it up in the resume?

If someone has contacted you by inMail, you can send your resume as part of your response to the inMail (at least in LinkedIn Recruiter) but, when all is said and done, send it through email and then make sure that your profile has the same types of information (it doesn't have to be the same wording) in order to make sure that the profiles congruent with what you're saying on the resume.

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