People tend to be fearful about accepting connection request from recruiters yet they are the biggest beneficiaries of the contact. Let me explain.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people professionally
about job search hiring more effectively managing and leaving workplace related
issues I do executive coaching as well and I received a question from someone
asking should I accept a connection request from recruiters understand why
does a recruiter want to reach out to you number one is they want to be able
to contact you in the future in order to present the opportunities to you without
having to pay for it on their side remember they're more aggressive on the
LinkedIn platform they're trying to reach lots of people to network to fill
jobs so if they can message you without having to pay for it because you're a
first-level connection they are advantaged in that regard it saves the
money now the next part of this is on their side and I'll get to yours in a
second because I think actually you're the bigger beneficiary they have the
ability to see your connections your first and second level connections as
part of their network so that they can message them to try and connect with
them now you may say that's horrible but now let me flip it on your side they
have more connections than you do thus when you accept the requests from
them you're getting to see their huge network I use myself as example I used
to do recruiting I was approached regularly I had one of the LinkedIn
premium accounts LinkedIn recruiter I was member 76 53 on LinkedIn I've been
around on the platform for a long time and people wanted to connect with me all
the time because they wanted access to my network and the same will be true of
you too because whether you're job hunting or just networking in general
they have more first level connection so you can reach out to those people you
can find those people to begin with because you didn't know who they are
haven't reach them but you can find them to begin with
you see people tend to make the most looking purely from the I'm hostile to
recruiters standpoint and they forget that there's a benefit for them that far
outweighs what the recruiter is going to get so I hope you find this helpful my
website is the big game yes I've got thousands more posts in the blog that
you can watch listen to a read they'll help you professionally if you're
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the upper left and I hope you find my material helpful have a great day and be


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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