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EP 810 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses something you need to get before your second or final interview.

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I'm back with more advice for you for your 2nd or final interview. I have a number of videos about 2nd interviews and I believe there is even a playlist. See you want to watch the playlist of you have already see my other videos about this. I think will be a huge help for you in your preparation. Here's another point I want you to prepare for on your 2nd or final interview.

The point is get the feedback that is been offered so far about your performance. Most people think that if they been invited back, everything is great! I'll tell you a story. When I was working with an agency in New York some years ago, a colleague of mine was scheduling a candidate I was representing on 1st, 2nd, and ultimately final interviews with 1 of her clients. That was all going well. She told me everyone love the guy… bullshit. bullshit. bullshit . . .

It got to a point where the person was turned down. Then she told me what the reluctance had been all along. I was furious. It is all things that he could've addressed very easily on the interview if only he knew.

Here's my point for you. It's really useful to get the feedback from the HR person or from the hiring manager before you need to head of the function. If you're working with a third-party recruiter, get the feedback through them. If the third-party recruiter goes, "EVERYTHING IS GREAT!" Ask them, "could you go back and just say, 'Are there any areas of concern? Any reservations? What do you like? Are there any hesitations?'" Ask questions. The flush up any of the problem areas because there was one thing I learned in my 40+ years of doing search, small problems become BIG PROBLEMS unless they are addressed.

You are always best if you address them in the meeting, are prepared to address them in the meeting , and are proactive in addressing what their hesitation or concern might be... But you need to know what they are. You cannot assume it.

If you cannot get anything or find out something, I want you to think back to your 1st interview or previous interviews and see where the dead spots were, where the uncomfortable things were, where your background doesn't necessarily match up perfectly with the job and how you handled it then and whether you seem to have a receptive audience. Go back and review and that becomes the best that you can do to compensate if you cannot get feedback elsewhere.

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