Second Interview Questions: Describe a Time When You Struggled With Motivation

Second interviews could be with a hiring manager or their boss and you’re going to be in a situation where they’re giving you the once over. Now, there are multiple ways to answer this question. One is to say, “I happen to like working in this kind of environment.” like I know my son would answer this way and it happens to be true.

He likes to do repetitive work. That’s his personality type. He likes it and he’s young so it makes sense for him to find the security in doing repetitive work. But most of you aren’t in that kind of situation and you’re old enough that it gets to be boring and dreary. So, how do you answer this?  To me, this goes back to the STAR answer. Situation or task, action, result.

So the classic one is, of course, the salesperson who has to fill out data in the system after the meeting to do a report, create an auto trail of what occurred in his or her meeting with a client. Thus, you’re in a situation where you might say, I’m just going to use an example.

“One of the things my firm requires is that I complete an online report upon completion of a meeting with a client and, frankly, I get backed up with client calls so, right after the meeting, I’ve been booked into something or I’m booked into something because it’s my one available time to talk to this person. So, I don’t have time.”

So, that becomes the situation or and now we do is the task.

“I have to do this report because I want to be compliant with what my management wants. So what I do no you will and will and will and in and is in and also is a is and is w is I try and work in a 15-minute window between appointments so I’m always able to be compliant.

“The result is . . . Having access to this data allows me to be a better salesperson and I’ve learned that because there have been little things embedded in there that came out of different calls that I might have forgotten had “ I not been able to review the notes.

So, what you’re able to do is to point to how you were able to create a win by being compliant. In each role, there’s something that you step into that’s not necessarily pleasant but you want to take care of it and do it in ways that serve. Then, from there, what you’re able to talk about is what you’ve done to compensate and the result that you got from it.

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