Roadblocks | The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast

Roadblocks | The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

EP 198 Someone tagged me on LinkedIn for an article on LinkedIn. They missed a pretty big point.


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This is The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast, episode 198. I'm your host, Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
and welcome. I like to spend some time what times a week now talking with
you about some element of life, the universe and everything because I think
it's always helpful to have someone in your ear reminding you of stuff
encouraging you inspiring you helping you be great and today I thought I would
just talk with you about an article I read it was about Career Planning
because I read a lot of that stuff because in my background as a headhunter
for so many years and although I don't do that work anymore you know I still
read the material I still have a podcast no BS job search advice radio which is
number one in Apple podcasts in that category with more than 1800 episodes at
this point and the article basically talked about planning your career the
topic and you know did the traditional kind of stuff this is where you are this
is where want to get to and this is the gap between where you are
where you want to get to what are the steps you have to take along the way to
get there and it's a classic story about incremental growth over the course of
time so for example if you are a programmer and you want to become CIO
what are the next career steps and what's going to be necessary to get
there. Like I said, typical stuff. But at least
one thing and that's really the subject that we're going to talk about today
roadblocks what's going to get in your way
what sort of distractions might occur what sort of things will impede your
ability to follow the plan because the plan because the plans are easy to create-- this is where
I am this is where I want to get to how have others done it
I copy it. It's not complicated it's a cookie-cutter formula
approach but no one follows these things and it ultimately comes down to
roadblocks what gets in your way when you plan things what are the excuses
that you use in order to interfere with the success you want to have do you get
into ruts where you stop thinking and focusing on your plan and if you want
you can criticize yourself for that but as a friend of mine says if you're in a
rut don't decorate it I thought it was hysterical don't you but you know the
idea is good stuff in your career good stuff in your life doesn't come about by
accident it's something that needs to get nurtured and tended to like a garden
and weeds grow anywhere but the good stuff is going to come about through
effort and you're gonna have to keep your eye on the ball knowing that
they're going to be distracted from time to time and you just got to pull
yourself in and without judgment without self flagellation without criticism just
move on to the next thing because that's really where you need to get you okay
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a great day and take care


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