Recruiters Don’t Fill That Many Jobs

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
One thing recruiters know that you may not know is that they don’t fill that many jobs.

They Are All Lying (In a Job Search)

One thing recruiters know that most Job hunters don’t, they don’t fill that many jobs. Now, even if you’re in a large city, how many jobs do you think one recruiter fills? It’s not a lot. A very successful one, If can hit fill 30 a year, 50, and you live in New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, and 50’s a lot. And imagine that one recruiting firm has 50 recruiters. That translates into (and this is for a very successful one) filling full time positions– 2500 out of that one office. That’s highly unlikely.

So don’t just simply focus on recruiting firms or job ads. Start working your network to try and get more results.

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