Re-Launching Your Career

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question from a subscriber about how to relaunched his career after having had a string of short-term jobs. (From the archives)

Interview Mistakes: Vomiting on People

I want to answer one of my followers who posed this question.

“I’m nearly 24. I graduated two years ago, my longest job is six months as a teacher. I’ve made some mistakes, have a string of short term jobs, three months and under, and have a mixture of good and bad things said about me. I have always been a high achiever and hard worker, but clearly need to work on my people skills.” There’s a clue in there. “I’ve always found dealing with others a bit difficult, especially in stressful environments. I want more than anything to work, build lasting relationships, and progress. So, I can use my degree and prove to be an asset. How can I get back into the workforce? And when I do, how can I make it work this time?”

So I think there are two questions there. How to get back into the workforce. Now, I don’t have enough data there to give concrete advice, because there just isn’t enough information. Now, what I’d say is the best thing that can be done is for this person, you get out there you talk to people, you ask for advice, ask questions. This isn’t designed to go cry on someone else’s shoulder because all that’s going to do is make them feel sympathy, and get them distracted from what you really need, which is advice about how to get a job doing what you want to do.

So, get out there, talk to everyone you know. If you’re part of a church or synagogue or mosque or any type of religious organization, talk to the local religious figure for your denomination. Speak with the lead people in that church, synagogue or mosque. Speak to people who are doing the kind of work that you want to be doing.

How do you find them? Do a Google search. Do a LinkedIn search. Search by the job title, the zip code. Do that kind of a search. Use the word “resume” if you’re using Google, but you’ll find people. Call them up and say, “Look, we don’t know one another, but I’m looking for some help.” And talk with them. Again, not about your failures, but talk about what you want to be doing.

Then, with regard to how can I make it work this time, which is a different type of question, I get the idea that you’ve got a hair trigger response to certain types of situations. So you need to practice your people skills. Apparently, I’m reading between the lines here, there are things that happen when you get into stressful situations that set off that that trigger and cause you problems.

Now, I can’t presume to know what it is that happens for you. My guess is something’s happening that’s triggering you. Again, you need support. It’s not going to be a quick fix but, you know, you’ve got a lifetime ahead of you, however long that is. If you live in your 60s, that’s 40 years. If you look into your 80s at 60 years. Now is the time to work on it.

Now, judging by the photo, you look like a male. I know for me, one of the things that helped me was the Mankind Project. You can visit them at Find a local group in your area, come to meetings, maybe do one of their weekends, but ultimately it helped me work on some of my anger stuff. I know it’s helped a lot of other men do that and a lot of other things.

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