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EP 176 Pressure shows up in many ways–peer pressure, societal pressure, pressure from management. Some thoughts about risk and success.

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this is The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast, episode 176.
I'm your host Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome I like to spend
some time talking about life the universe and everything I try to do it
once a week and I'll just simply say we're obviously still in complicated
times-- coronavirus, Covid-19 still available and in abundant supply
throughout the United States. And I was helping my son last week. He's 19 he's
working . . . he was working for a dentist as her office manager and she was
insistent throughout the crisis that he come to work because dentist's doing
certain types of work or essential workers and my son who lives in New York
and yes so was the dentist in New York. City insisted he come to work and
neither he nor I wanted him to do that and she would lie to him about the
status of what was happening in New York. He knew the truth of course because how
do you not know the truth and we came to a time last week where very simply she
said well it's all going to open up on. Friday that was last Friday by the way
in New York and nothing opened up and he said, "you know, I've provided you with
information for my doctorate that I'm an individual who has a health condition
that puts me at risk although I'm 19 I have an asthma history and eventually
she got to the point of firing him because he wouldn't risk his life there
are certain risks not worth taking and. I'm not debating whether or not we
should be doing herd immunity or isolation we each know what's
appropriate. I'm not going to speak to the society in
general. You know I'm an older man. At this point, I'm in good health. I'm
overweight I'm at risk I know that as my friends talked about meeting again and
I've got a wife who's a heart patient by the way and the son he's got asthma it's
very clear to me that that isn't something I should be doing and you have
to know what's right for you, regardless of the societal
construct you need to know and to stick with what's right for you because that's
an indication of wisdom not accepting the peer pressure not accepting the
external pressure like I remember growing up and they would talk about
smoking involving peer pressure and it did and getting high with weed yeah
peer pressure and it did and against the point in life you shouldn't accept the
peer pressure where you should have outgrown it and built a solid base for
yourself. This isn't about Covid-19. This is about
taking care of yourself responsibly and doing the right thing for yourself
knowing that there may be a consequence but it's the right thing for you.
yesterday I was watching the first episode of the current season of
billions the Showtime hit about a billionaire who's competing with a New
York prosecutor-- actually he's now in the show in New York Attorney General. And
couple that with something I listened to this morning an interview with Ted
Danson that was done by Conan O'Brien and both of them had a similar theme
which I thought was interesting on the. TV show billions the issue is there was
a group of individuals who left the firm who now are coming back for reasons that
aren't really important but the integration of the two organizations was
proving difficult and they were warring with one another. They hated one another. And
there's a scene that's staged with a wrestler believe her name is Becky Lynch
where she pretends that she's being beaten up by the office psychiatrist and
she goes through a speech that Danson does pretty similarly in the interview
with Conan where they basically both say often your biggest successes come from
making the other person look good and three proximity you're able to look good
too and if you think about a lot of Ted. Danson's corner that's been the case for
him.He's was around a great ensemble cast in
Cheers they worked well with one another he
wasn't the funny guy on camera he was the straight man very often setting them
up and we all have a great association with him there and on other shows that he's done
where he's in much the same role. On. Billions, the question came down to can
you make the other side look good too and benefit from that as well folks you
don't always have to be pushed out front you can be a strong lieutenant helping
someone else be effective and through that proximity shall we say shine
there's subplots within billions that are much the same sort of thing where a
lieutenant helps his leader shine even more you could be doing that too you
don't have to be the front person even though society may be pushing you in
that direction why do something that's uncomfortable
for you because other people tell you to do it
Notice the peer pressure theme here? That you can be in a situation where you're
helping others be effective and benefiting from that too so that's
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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