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EP 1659 Here are a few of the things that you need to do to prepare for a final interview that is being done by video.

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I wanted to do a video about preparing for final interview when it's done by video. I'm finding more and more organizations are doing this as their leadership schedules become more complicated. But I am not going to do the kind of stuff like check what's behind you, have an interesting backdrop, look up the person on LinkedIn. I am going to skip that kind of stuff and just focus on some basic things about video versus not video.

Now, the obvious thing is practicing where to be looking on the screen in order to make eye contact. So, if I'm staring at my camera as I am trying to do right now, is that really the best place or is it a place just off of the camera really the best place?

Should you do a reboot of your system prior to the interview? You betcha you do! So, in this way , you can clear out on unused options and get a fresh boot of your system in order to ensure that it's operating properly.

You check your connections in camera. How do you look? Is your mouth moving and sequence with your words or are they slightly off? You know, I did that as part of the video that give and illustration of how silly it looks when you finish a sentence and your mouth is still moving.

Another thing, and I see this in certain applications that firms use, they'll ask your name before you connect to the meeting. Treat it in a professional way. Just use your name. Don't get goofy about it because I have seen people put goofy crap up there.

I also remind you to minimize your distractions so that, in this way, you or not suddenly looking off to a side, stunned, or have, as existed a very funny BBC interview for the news, suddenly the young toddler walks in and then the even younger one walks in and mom is trying to pull them out as this reporter is being interviewed on the BBC. I’ll just simply say you don’t want that scenario!

I’ll also remind you (and this would be true on any final interview) be there and on time. If you were doing an in-person interview, you try to be there on time. Don't miss the window for the interview.

If they say 8:45, be there and be ready before then… A couple of minutes. You don’t want be ridiculous and arrive too early because they may be on a different video interview, screening someone else and ending their interview. You don't want to interrupt them.

Don't ask obvious questions that can be just answered by a quick search on the website. Have some quality questions prepared.

Lastly, I’m going to bring up your body language. Use good body language that demonstrates your interest and your abilities and don't suddenly start looking around and doing goofy stuff that suggests disinterest.

One more thing. Keep your answers tight … 45 seconds to answer questions is a long time. Most of you can cover things in 30 seconds or less.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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