Phone Interviews vs. Video or Face-to-Face Interviews

Phone Interviews vs. Video or Face-to-Face Interviews

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Phone interviews are easier and harder than video or face-to-face interviews. They are harder because they aren’t influenced by what you’re wearing and how handsome/attractive you are. All you have is your voice to go by. They are easier in that they can’t see that you have your resume out, the job description or have notes in front of you for talking points.

When you connect with the caller, thank them for contacting you and then continue by saying, “I recall the job description but I wanted to get your description of the role. Would you tell me about the job as you see it and what I can do to help?”

That’s because job descriptions are rarely accurate by the time you speak with someone. That’s because from the time it was approved until now, they may have interviewed a few people and their thinking has changed a bit. You want to get their current thinking about the position so you can talk about what matters to them and not just talk about what you’ve done.

From there, you’ll probably be asked, “tell me about yourself,” or “walk me through your background.” Answer in 1 minute 15 seconds and provide the typical generic answer you probably usually do.

“I’ve been in the field for (x) number of years where I’ve done this and that. But what’s probably most relevant in my background for this role is my experience with . . . ” Then connect the dots between what you were just told they were looking for and what you’ve done. This way, they know in less than 2 minutes that you are qualified for the position they are trying to fill.


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