Do you have this affliction as badly as I do? On this show, I make a commitment to change. What about you? What can you do?

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My thought for today was around perfection.I know I suffer from the disease of wanting to be perfect and I suspect for many of you, you have that same affliction, too.

I know 1 of the places that it shows up for me is in 1 of my websites were I know it isn't perfect yet. It isn't even that great. It has mistakes in it that I need to fix. But I would rather focusing on helping other people and I haven't taken the time to make the corrections yet.

I know some of you may say that if I correct the website. I will help more people, I know that. Where do you folks do the same thing? Where do you make choices that are "complicated" that you can rebuke yourself for and criticize yourself for cannot really take the time to fix.

I'm just can simply send all make some changes in the website over the course of the next few weeks that will improve it. Right now, like I said, it is not perfect. It is getting better all the time.

I hope there's a place for you can focus in and start making some changes that will allow you to feel better about some aspect of your life.

Again, the goal is not to be perfect. That is impossible. But you can do better and you can be excellent.

To get around and see where you can take some steps, maybe it is in your help. Maybe using your family and with your relationships. Maybe it is and how you tell people that you care.

Wherever it is, just do a 1st step real soon.

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