In a conversation with someone, I was reminded of one last thing to do during your first 90 days at a job.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people with job search,
hiring more effectively managing and leading you know stuff in the workplace
and I've done this series about starting a new job and what to do during your
first 90 days there's a playlist for it on youtube or through my website but go
to youtube in particular it's a good series of videos and there's one thing I
hadn't mentioned yet that I was reminded of yesterday by someone who was watching
the videos because he was starting a job and what SC said to
me . . . I'm not going to give a name. What s/he suggested to me was perfectly correct,
absolutely right. Here's the premise why I say that say this is going
to be correct everyone lies during a job search you are exaggerating your
capabilities employers are exaggerating the opportunity and the ease with which
someone can step into the role and be successful and recruiters certainly do
that too so that's the background to why and way to say this and what I'm going
to say to you is during your first 60 days-ish,
keep taking meetings keep talking to people not aggressively but let
opportunities continue coming to you because you've laid a good foundation
for them and firms may now be catching up with you and trying to talk with you
about situations that the seeds were planted in while you were aggressively
looking and now that you're not aggressively looking they may result in
coming to you and my belief is if the role isn't right for you that you've
started, you don't have to be stuck there. You can move on quickly and bury
this in your background as a result my goal is to ensure that
you're not damaged by a deceptive hiring natural that you have the opportunity to
exit gracefully and if you get to the point where you're giving notice and
this isn't going to apply all the time.. Obviously, most situations are going to
turn out for quite some time before they go south but in case this one has been
really badly misrepresented, you can walk into your boss's office to give notice
and say look this isn't exactly what I signed up for I was given the
expectation it was going to be such-and-such it's obviously not the
case. So, I'm going to gracefully bow out and give you two weeks notice notice." You're
not really saying anything super critical just simply gonna say it isn't
what you expected. I'm Jeff Albin hope you found this
helpful. My website is Go there. Go exploring
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have a great day and take care


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