On The Road and Need to Do a Job Interview

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
I was speaking with someone in his car who needed to do a Zoom interview in 30 minutes. This is where I told him to go (HINT: It was not a Starbucks or a library)

What to Say in a Pre-Screening Phone Interview for a Job

If you’re on the road and someone wants to interview you, don’t stop at a Starbucks. Don’t go to a library. Instead, look for a hotel. Try a Marriott or Hyatt. Some larger hotel where you know they’ve got great Wi Fi.

Get in there, get some coffee, use the restroom. Set yourself up for either your phone or your iPad or laptop. Make sure you’re able to make eye contact with the person you’re speaking with. And set yourself up for success there.

Starbucks, it looks cheesy. Library? You can speak at full volume. Hotel lobby? No issue whatsoever. And they may even have an executive conference room that you can use temporarily.

There’s a lot more at TheBigGameHunter.us in the blog.

The Phone Interview Two-Step: Nailing It Like a Pro


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