No BS Job Search Advice: Common Challenges

Common challenges

One of the most frequent complaints people express when I coach them to list their needs and values is, “I don’t have time to do this!” Well, the fact is, you don’t have time not to do this. You have to do this because otherwise, you could make a critical mistake that could be damaging to your career.

The other thing that people in this position do, when they do begin to consider what their values are, is looking outward instead of inward. They start thinking, “What will other people think that’s important?” But remember nobody else’s opinion on this is as important as your own. You have to be a bit tough, a bit strong with yourself to do this particular self-evaluation, and stick to your guns.

It’s like losing weight, stopping smoking, or being successful in any sport. There is certain self-discipline required to be professionally successful. Unless you’re willing to either hold yourself to the fire or ask for the support of others, it’s really easy to get off track.

There’s no question about how important self-evaluation is. You have to do it. It’s essential to the process of getting you to your goal. Again, if you were driving in your car and you didn’t know where you were going, how would you know if you’d arrived? By laying out this map for yourself, you can take the most direct path to achieve your goals.

This doesn’t only apply to professional goals. Let’s look again at your financial goals. If you deviate from the path, it can cost a heck of a lot of money. Most people that I meet are not so wealthy that they can afford to throw away a couple of hundred thousand dollars over the course of their career.

So, yes, we’re talking about money – your money — and we’re also talking about your happiness—your enjoyment of life, the benefits of having a career that you love doing versus one that you’re dreading and plowing through.


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