My Job Search Has Been Going Along For A Long Time. What Am I Doing Wrong?

My Job Search Has Been Going Along For A Long Time. What Am I Doing Wrong?

My search has been going nowhere for a long time. What can I do to figure out what I am doing wrong?

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Today’s show is a reply to someone who asked the question.  The question translates into, “My job search has been going on for a long time. What am I doing wrong?”

To me, this is always been a pretty easy question to answer because those discrete processes to job search..  Once you understand what the processes are, you can figure it out.  Here’s what I think.

If you’re not getting any interviews because you sending resumes out and no one is responding, your resume stinks.  It’s either that or do not qualify for the4 question marks jobs that you are applying for.

If you are getting interviews as a result of those resumes but not being invited back, you don’t interview well.

If no recruiters are contacting you to talk with you about jobs, it might be that your LinkedIn profile is not keyword rich in the field that you are trying to work it to demonstrate why they should be reaching out to you because my belief is (I learned this from my friend, Perry  Newman) resumes are for when you want to hunt jobs.  LinkedIn is for when you want to be hunted.  There different functions that they all arrived at the same place.  You are trying to get interviews.

If you are not be invited back for a second interview, You don’t interview well.  There is something breaking down your ability to present your experience to them or your resume is misleading.

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If you’re getting to the final were 2nd interview phases and you are not getting job offers, it’s pretty clear that you don’t know how to connect senior people and cause them to trust you in your ability to deliver the goods.  You may have certain skills that fit but, ultimately, for senior people, they want to feel like they don’t have to worry about you. You always have to demonstrate a certain degree of self confidence.

As I’ve said many times, with firms hire experience and qualifications and knowledge (which I summarize as competence) Is only one variable.  They look for self-confidence, character, chemistry, maybe a little bit of charisma.   Personal leadership is what all this adds up to.  If you’re not getting offers, there is something wrong with how you’re trying to connect with senior people that doesn’t allow them to trust you.

If you’re getting job offers that are kind of mediocre, well, they think you are good enough, but the not really inspired or compelled to want to hire you.  So they are basically saying, “if you’ll take it, great!  But if not, we don’t really care.  We’ll keep looking.”==

This is how the process breaks down and, if you want to assess it, these are the variables that are involved.  Where is it breaking down for you?  Where are you missing in the on his employers that you can fix.The one thing you can’t fix as well.  You have the knowledge and experience.  They are looking for for the job.  If you are just sending a resume because you WANT TO DO THAT JOB and guard qualified for it (I get resumes all the time from people with 5 months of experience who want to apply for management positions when the only thing that they might have mashes themselves [some might say, not that well]), then you’re not going to get interviews.

That’s really how it gets evaluated, and how you can fix it.   There are discrete ways to do it and that’s where coaching comes in.

If you’re interested my coaching you and help you perform better in research, visit my website which is  At the top, there are tabs there that will tell you how to reach out to me so that we can book time and we can get to work on solving some of his problems.

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